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Comparison Contrast Samples

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According to the interview result with ‘Leo”s owner, there are several different marketing strategies conducted between these ?’0 stores influencing the stores popularity, uch as variety of kinds of sold items, store displays, promotion strategies, and service. If you look at the department stores at first glance, the items offered look the same in variety including clothes, fabrics, shoes, items for praying, baby stuff, watches, stationary, etc, but if you observe them in details, you will find that ‘Leo’ has more variation in style of the items than Anyar.

Leo’ department store owner said that he always follows recent product trends by observing kinds of new products in several big cities, such as Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bandung, Solo, and Surabaya. He also urchases in a grocery shop centre in those cities. On the other hand, ‘Anyar’ has less variation in product styles because the purchasing area is just in the grocery shop centre in several cities near my hometown. That is why the variation of style is different.

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One of many strategies to attract buyers is creating interesting store displays and interior designs.

The performance of ‘Leo’ department store is more creative than that of ‘Anyar’. It can be seen from the display For example, the display in the cosmetic corner in ‘Leo’ department store is and colorful decoration stones so that it looks IIEF arrangement and lighting. ecorated with crystal – Fellow Elect cohort VII {97} pretty, while ‘Anya’ department store arranges the cosmetics prod ucts conventionally without decoration. Moreover, ‘Leo’ department store lighting is brighter than that of ‘Anyar’. The lighting influences the performance very much and makes the buyer comfortable when choosing the items offered.

Another strategy is about promotion. In doing this strategy, Leo tries to make a close relationship with the community by participating in community events as an event sponsor. It also expands the promotion area into many districts surrounding my hometown and broadcasts heir commercials in local radio stations. Although ‘Anyar’ department store also participates in community events, but the intensity is less than ‘Leo’. Moreover, the range of promotion area is just surrounding my hometown; it means that the promotion area is less wide than that of ‘Leo’.

In addition, ‘Leo’ makes a good relationship with the big Islamic organization which is dominant in my hometown by giving donation regularly in many events. Leo’ owner feels that this approach is effective enough to get the attention from Muslims in my hometown because this organization gives influences in my hometown. Actually, ‘Anyar’ owner also takes a part in Islamic organization in my hometown, but the intensity is less than ‘Leo’ owner. Although these two department stores have several similar criteria for their female shopkeeper, such as young, charming, patient, friendly, etc, but they have differences. Leo’ employs just single women, so we will not finda pregnant woman working there. The owner makes a rule that if there is an employee who has a plan to get married, they have to tell it to the owner several weeks or several months beforehand so that the owner can anticipate and recruit the substitute. The owner said that young single {98} Comparison-Contrast Essay shopkeepers are the attractive thing at ‘Leo’ department store to get buyers’ attention. This condition is different from ‘Anyar department store which lets married and pregnant women work there.

Although this way will influence to the shopkeeper performance, but by giving an opportunity to women with their status both single and married to work there, it seems to appreciate women more. Although they have several similarities in kinds of products offered, but certain strategies done by ‘Leo’ department store, such as variety of items sold, store isplays, promotion strategies, and requirements for the shopkeepers, make ‘Leo’ department store more popular than ‘Anya” We can conclude that different strategies applied by stores influence the popularity of the stores.

Named aluk to dolo that is still practiced even today. In Torajan language, aluk means rules or wisdoms, and to dolo means the previous ones or ancestors, so aluk to dolo means rules of ancestors or wisdoms of ancestors. Auk to dolo covers all aspects in Torajan society. It governs the relations among the members of society, the relations between people and nature, the relations between people and the spirits of ancestors, and the relations between humans and God.

Rambu tuka’ and rambu solo’ are the most famous traditions of Torajan society taken from wisdoms of ancestors, aluk to dolo. Rambu tuka’ and rambu solo’ are the series of ceremonies that celebrate every moment since someone is born until he or she passes away. Rambu tuka’ and rambu solo’ play different roles, and they are celebrated in a very different way. Rambu tuka’ is a series of ceremonies which is elated with the life of human beings.

In Torajan language, rambu means smoke that refers to the smoke resulting from combustion of cattle, and tuka’ means to ascend or to rise, referring to the movement of the sun from sunrise to midday. In Torajan society morning is associated with life, spirit, fortune and joy, which comes from the authority of life, God. Rambu tuka’ means the celebrations of joy and thanking God, Puang Matua, for His blessing for humans. These celebrations are held when the sun is moving from horizon to the zenith and should be stopped if the sun has passed the highest point of its journey.

Ceremonies that are considered as rambu tuka’ are celebration of birth and birthday (ma’ allo kadadian), celebration to remark the maturation of a young member of the society (ma’ kai’), wedding party (rampanan kapa’), celebration before entering the new house (mangrara tongkonan), thanking IIEF – IFP Fellow Elect cohort VII Comparison-contrast Essay God for harvest seasons (ma’ kurre sumanga’), and for couple, specially from royal family who can reach a long age they perform celebration to thank God for the long age and for all blessings that their family have received along their life (ma’ bua kasaIle).

These all ceremonies bring the same massage, thanking God for every blessing that humans receive in various forms all their life. In contrast, rambu solo’ is ceremonies that are related with sadness or death. Solo’ is the antonym of word tuka’, and solo’ means to descend or to fall, referring to the movement of the sun from midday to sunset. Rambu solo’ means a sad ceremony, and it is always performed in the afternoon, so it is clear that Torajan people associate afternoon with death and sadness.

Series of ceremonies that are considered as rambu solo’ are to bath the dead (ma’ dio’), to put he dead in to a coffin (ma’balun), to sacrifice the first buffalo in funeral ceremony (ma’ karu’dusan), and to hold funeral ceremonies (di pasang bongi, di patallung bongi, dipalimang bongi, di papitung bongi and dirapa’i). All of these ceremonies are held to prepare the deceased to start his or her journey to the place one goes after death, puya.

Family and friends Of the death use this chance to pay their last respect and to express their love to the deceased. Rambu tuka’ ceremony is usually performed in only one day, and it needs not more than one buffalo. It is very common to find a rambu tuka’ ceremony which does not utcher buffalos. Pigs are the most popular cattle that are butchered in rambu tuka’, and it needs about two until tens pigs to hold a rambu tuka’ ceremony. In addition to buffalos or pigs, chicken as a symbol of happiness is always presented in this ritual.

The most stunning rambu tuka’ is mangrara tongkonan, a celebration of entering a new house. It can butcher one buffalo and more than ten pigs. The special thing of this rite is about how to bring pigs to the center of ceremony before the pig is butchered. {147} people use a special litter called lettoan resembling to a Torajan typical house decorated with: young coconut leaves, kandaure-cains of beads, Torajan ancient fabrics, and several other Torajan decorative things which symbolize social status of the host of the party.

All decorative symbols that appear in rambu tuka’ ceremony not only state joy and happiness but also state the social status of the host of the party. Different from rambu tuka’s rambu solo’ is mostly performed in more than one day, it can be more than one week though. Rambu solo’ also needs more buffaloes and pigs. One rambu solo’ ceremony can consume between two and tens buffaloes. In Torajan culture, it is not allowed to sacrifice only one buffalo in rambu solo’;; in addition to that, chicken is also forbidden in rambu solo’ ceremony because chicken represent happiness.

Torajan people are very strict about this. If one of your neighbor is in grief because one of their family passes away, you should not butcher chickens in your house because it will hurt your mourning neighbor. In rambu solo’ ceremony, there many interesting rites that attract many tourists, such as: ma’ pasilaga tedong which means buffalo fight and ma’pasonglo’ where tourists can see a parade of decorated buffalos.

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