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    For this video, have learned the name of the process I have used to repair applications. Video 2. 15 Directs Diagnostic tool Run line access point / run line command System tools access point Digit: Directs multimedia program run code. Video 4. 01 Comparing Élan’s and Wand’s Stand-alone computer Peer-to-peer Network Client server CAN: Local Area Network WAN: Wide Area Network Work group: A peer-to peer network and all network computers. Domain: A type of client-server network that requires at least on server prompted to have the role of domain controller.

    In the Video 4. 1, I learned that Local Area Networks cover a short distance, and that Wide Area Networks can cover miles. In addition, what the difference between a work group and a domain. I also learned that in a work group all network computers are equal. Video 4. 10 Troubleshooting Upcoming Ping command UDP( User Datagram protocol) TCP (Transmission Protocol) Terms/ commands Tracer: Traces router hops to designation computer INS(Name Server) Lookup: Resolves host name with Ip address and configured by the contents of the operating system file resolve. Info Neatest: Statistics for TCP ND LCD Connection Ports ARP (Address Resolution Protocol):Creates cache of IP and MAC addresses Get MAC: looks up computers MAC address have learned some new terms from this video and how the commands are imperative to troubleshooting. I also learned the difference between UDP, TCP, and their roles in connecting to the internet. Video 4. 11 WAN Technologies POTS Internet connections DSL Cable modem Satellite Wireless POTS: Plain Old Telephone system Poop: Voice Over Ip In video 4. 11, I have learned how voice over IP is used. Video 4. 07 Ip Addresses pop IP Classes Subletting a network

    Available host Private IP addresses Network address translation server CICS on home network identifying parts of the IP address how IP addresses are used how to recognize a private address the function of a NAT or the proxy server function Octet: Is a part of information that equals eight bits Subnet mask: Divides IP address into two parts the first part is the Network, The second part is the Host. NAT: Network Address Translation CICS: Internet Connection Sharing have learned the IP class is determined by the first octet. And I also learned what the subnet mask role in networking.

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