Comparison of Water Brands Ads

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The product line that was chosen was Water. There are numerous brands that have been developed in the field of water, hence leading to tough competition. But out of the various brands namely Masafi, Gulfa, Oasis, Hatta and Evian. The one with the highest market share was found to be Masafi.

Below is the detailed description of each ad in the respective media’s and the appeal created by it:-

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Masafi resorts to an attractive full-page advertisement. Masafi has always provided products, which reflect the consumers aspirations, trends and increasingly health-conscious demands.

The Masafi ad in the newspaper and magazine focuses on the purity of the water and states the reason for the consumer to purchase the best, that is Masafi.

To begin with, the ad is pictured on a desert where a cheerful girl is shown through an enlarged glass of water. This illustrates both the clarity of the picture and the purity of the water. In addition to this, the ad further symbolizes that just as a child is pure and serene, the same goes for the water, which is so pure that even a girl standing behind it can be seen through it.

The ad states that Masafi is ‘Clearly Outstanding’ in comparison to the others. On interviewing the customers they mentioned that the ad created a positive emotional appeal. It also mentions that Masafi helps one perform its best both physically and mentally. For these reasons the advertisement motivates the people to buy Masafi.

The Gulfa ad focuses on the water, which is collected, from the springs. The ad shows the Gulfa bottle behind which are a few rocks through which water is flowing.

The Masafi ad focuses on the desert and a girl whereas the Gulfa ad emphasizes on the rocks and mountains from which the water is obtained. The ad states ‘Our Production line in full swing’ which refers to the fact that just as the water is continuously flowing from the springs, so is the production of Gulfa. The purity of the water can be ascertained as the ad states that it is produced by nature and bottled by Gulfa.

According to the viewers this ad creates a rational appeal among the people because it gives them information about the product. It mentions that the P.E.T. bottle is used which motivates the customer to buy the product as it is crushable and does not harm the ecological balance.

The Oasis ad is simple but different and attractive. The picture focuses the calmness on the girl’s face when she quenches her thirst from a 500ml bottle on a sunny day. It also shows 3 different sizes of bottles and mentions their quantity respectively. It portrays that these bottles each come handy during different times. The ad specifically mentions that oasis water is meant for all age groups, which therefore gives us an emotional appeal. It compels us to ‘Drink Oasis’ as mentioned in the ad, which was the main aim of the dealers.

Evian Natural Spring Water is bottled exclusively at its source in Evian, France located in the French Alps. Filled, sealed bottles are then shipped to over 120 countries throughout the world. Several hundred tests are conducted daily both on the source and after the water has been bottled to verify the constancy of the mineral composition, the absence of pollution and the quality of the plastic bottles.

The ad is indeed a very simple one with just mountains in the background which reflect the French Alps. The ad states that ‘When it comes to the question of purity… our answer is clear’. The ad creates a rational appeal among the viewers as it specifies the details of the company and gives us information regarding the purity of the water. Evian does not have an elaborate ad and is presented in a practical way without any other resource to promote it. The ad also mentions and ensures complete physical and emotional well being. Evian is one of the purest mineral waters that are marketed throughout the world.

Another media used by Masafi is the outdoor advertising. This is mainly in the form of billboards. The ad that appears on the billboard is the same one as that in the print media. The appeal created by the ad according to the consumers is also the same that is emotional appeal as it specifies ‘Clearly Outstanding’. The dealers wanted to create an emotional appeal for Masafi in the various types of media. The advantage of this type of advertising is that it offers a general and a wide appeal. It attracts attention of numerous people and has a long life. For its distributors Masafi will remain responsive and an unrivalled partner determined to provide innovatively marketed products – quickly and cost-effectively.

The Masafi Ad on the Television is an extended version of the ad in magazines. Masafi’s main aim is to focus on the purity of the water. The ad first starts with a girl who can be clearly seen through the glass of water. It then moves on to showing the pregnant woman and later on an athlete. The purpose of showing these people is to inform the people that water is necessary for the growth of a child, for the development of the baby in the womb and for the mother and for an athlete. Therefore according to the dealers the objective of the ad is to emphasize on the importance of Masafi in our life. On asking the viewers their response in relation to the ‘Clearly Outstanding’ approach was that, the ad creates a positive emotional appeal and motivates them to buy the product, which is exactly what the dealers wanted.

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