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Max Mara vs Pinko Analysis




Words: 2642 (11 pages)

Introduction Max Mara is the best-known name of a number of lines produced by the Maramotti family which include Sportmax, Weekend (lower priced with less expensive fabrics), I Blues (separates), Penny Black and Marella (lower priced), Pianoforte (evening clothes), Max and Co, and Marina Rinaldi (for larger sized women). It is one of the largest…

Why are Clothes So Important?


Words: 1158 (5 pages)

Classification Essay. Every time you come into a restaurant, a bar, or just look at people walking in the street hurrying back and forward, what you always pay attention to is the way they are dressed. There are million other features which people possess but for some reasons, in the crowd which you see in…

Riding the Plus Size wave



Human Body

Words: 756 (4 pages)

Urban men with a waist greater than 36 have never had trouble finding fashionable clothes. A slight paunch or man-boobs never have interfered with them wearing an Armani or an Abercrombie & Fitch. However, apparel companies are still reluctant to allocate store realty to plus-sized women’s clothing. It is society which has created a stereotype…

Descriptive Paragraph



Words: 927 (4 pages)

The purpose of descriptive writing is to engage our readers’ senses and create a vivid experience of what we have observed and felt. Our objective is to convey the essence of a subject through the use of carefully chosen details. The following five paragraphs, written by both students and professional authors, exemplify various approaches to…

“The Snob” By: Morley Callaghan Short Summary


Words: 513 (3 pages)

1. The reason that John ignores his father in this story is he thinks that Grace wouldn’t like him because, she only likes and appreciates the people in her “class”. When John first notices his father in the store “his coat was thrown open, two buttons on his shirt were undone, his grey hair was…

Roman Clothing Research Paper ROMAN CLOTHING


Words: 991 (4 pages)

Roman Clothing Essay, Research Paper ROMAN Clothing: Work force Much of Roman vesture was designed to uncover the societal position of its wearer, peculiarly for freeborn work forces. You could state from what category the individual is from and sometimes what they did. The work forces would have on adventitias. There were three basic types…

Harrington Collection Sizing Up the Active-Wear Market Marketing Management




Words: 4128 (17 pages)

What is your evaluation of the women’s apparel industry and Harrington’s position? How has the average price of women’s apparel changed? What is your evaluation of their financial performance? The Women’s Apparel Industry The U. S. women’s apparel industry market is mature, given that the average growth rate from 2005 to 2007 was 4. 66%….

Exercises for Male Enhancement


Words: 5350 (22 pages)

The Wake Up Cloth First exercise for male enhancement To perform this warm-up you will need a cloth or small towel and access to warm water. Firstly find an ample sized face cloth. Wet it with warm water until it is soaked through and hot, but still manageable. Then wrap the cloth around penis and…

Client Profile – College Girl




Words: 557 (3 pages)

The client we have chosen is a college going girl from the national capital New Delhi. Aged between 18-21 years, belonging to a higher middle class family. Being a college going girl she tends to be more playful by her nature. She likes to roam around the shops and look for da new arrivals. She…

The Shop Girl




Words: 960 (4 pages)

An intimate warmth dominates, ‘The Shop Girl” as the shaded interior makes the viewer an elite insider. Whereas, the black-clad girl opening the shop’s door onto a lively Paris street is the focal point of the work. In the interior, a hushed serenity, and stillness is achieved through the muted value of light and the…

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