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Computer Reservations System

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According from the wikipedia, A computer reservations system or central reservation system (CRS) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, or activities. Originally designed and operated by airlines, CRSes were later extended for the use of travel agencies. Major CRS operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as global distribution systems (GDS). Airlines have divested most of their direct holdings to dedicated GDS companies, who make their systems accessible to consumers throughInternet gateways.

Modern GDSes typically allow users to book hotel rooms, rental cars, airline tickets as well as activities and tours. They also provide access to railway reservations and bus reservations in some markets, although these are not always integrated with the main system.

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Computer Reservations System
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2.1.2 Booking and Reservations

According from the wikipedia,Booking and Reservations (Book-it!) is an universal Joomla! component for online reservations. No matter what kind of service you are running or what you want to book.

You can create any object with any number of parameters and manage its reservations schedule and prices. All using user-friendly environment of the Joomla backend. Objects can be organized into hierarchy, so you can even manage multiple facilities consisting of many bookable units. E.g. you can manage several hotels with multiple rooms, multiple bowling, squash or other sport facility centers with several grounds. The system also offers object capacities, variable-lenght reservations, combination of different reservations, bookable extras and many more. Joomla is a free and open-source content management framework for publishing web content. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can also be used

2.1.3 Hotel Reservation System

Hotel reservation software helps anyone reserve rooms at a hotel for an extended stay vacation, weekend getaway, or even on a one night trip. Instead of calling in ahead of time and reciting your credit card number over the phone, you are able to enter the required information on a secure website to ensure that your reservation is complete. Not only is it convenient to you, it is also convenient for the hotel staff because they do not have to worry about not receiving your monetary information or making a mistake in booking a room. According from the wikipedia, A hotel reservation system, also known as a central reservation system (CRS) is a computerized system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort, or other lodging facilities. A central reservation system is a tool to reach the global distribution system as well as internet distribution systems from one single system. A CRS assists hotel managers in managing their online marketing and sales, allowing them to upload their rates and availabilities to be seen by sales channels that are using the CRS. Sales channels may include conventional travel agencies as well as online travel agencies.

2.1.4 Global Distribution System

According from the wikipedia, Global Distribution System(GDS) is a network operated by a company that enables automated transactions between Vendors and booking agents in order to provision travel related services to the end consumers. A GDS can link services, rates and bookings consolidating products and services across all three travel sectors: i.e Airline reservations, Hotel reservations, Car rentals, Tailoring reservations and Activities. GDS is different from a Computer Reservation System which is a reservation system used by the respective vendors. Primary customers of GDS are travel agents (both online and office based) to make reservation on various reservations systems run by the vendors. It is important to note that GDS holds no inventory, the inventory is held on vendors reservation
system itself. A GDS system will have real-time link to the vendors database.




The tailoring reservation system uses the waterfall model or life cycle model. In addition, the techniques can provide assistance for completing the deliverance. This method, it suggest a systematic, sequencial approach into system level and progresses through the requirement analysis, design phase, implementation,testing phase and maintenance.

This method in the tailoring reservation system project is designed to complete the coverage of the software developtment process by providing guidance from the analysis phase down to implementation process.


The requirement gathering and analysis process is specifically on system. The tailoring reservation system has required the performance and function. The requirements of this system is to create and deliver 3.1.2 ESTIMATION AND SCHEDULING

Timely estimating we have the Gantt chart to developed as a time line to determining the task involve in developing the Tailoring Reservation System.


In the phase, the exiting system is studies by collecting the information through the Internet and analyzed the information to get alternatives for the used of proposed system. Determine what the Reservation System should do.


Logical design is the fourth phase in SDLC methodology. The functional features chosen for the proposed system in Analysis phase are described. Part of the logical design of the information system is to devise the user interface. The interface plays an important role to connect the user with the system and is thus extremely important.

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