Contract options analysis for Compass Records

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Compass Records is an artist tally record company that was founded by Alison Brown and her hubby Garry West 10 old ages ago. They have established their place as a niche participant in the market, underpinning their competitory advantage by selling folks and roots musical genres.

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Bing an indie labels differentiates Compass in many ways compares to major market portion holders in the industry. One of the important differences is in footings of the handiness of resources in footings of budgets to be invested in possible investing which in their concern revolves around the investing chances offered by an rebellion of new instrumentalists in the market.

Given the limited resources, Brown and Garry have to ever be excess careful in offering entering contract to new creative persons as they can be considered as a hazardous plus, and typically merely see puting in the new endowment which can confide them in footings of the possibility to be successful in the market and besides generating net income for the company.

Adair Roscommon

Brown is presently sing offering a recording contract to a new talented common people instrumentalist, Adair Roscommon. Her first-class path record in the industry such as being voted as “Best New Artist of 2004” by the hearers of the influential of Boston common people wireless station, regards her as a good investing chance for the company. However, Brown is still contemplating in make up one’s minding the type of contract to be offered to Roscommon.

Compass Records offers two options in subscribing a new creative person which is by manner of licencing them for a limited period of clip or to bring forth and have the artist’s maestro entering. This instance survey will supply an analysis of the investing options in footings of weighing the fiscal attraction of the investing options by utilizing discounted hard currency flow, NPV and IRR as a lens to mensurate the investing return and assist Brown in make up one’s minding the better manner to put.

Contract Options Analysis


Licensing options involves licencing a work that had already been recorded and packaged. Compass will pay an upfront fee ( progress ) of $ 3,000 to Roscommon to defray some of the costs she incurred in developing the album. Under the contract, compass will besides include and option which states that if they manage to accomplish a mark gross revenues of 10,000 units, so they will earned the right to licence her following album which act as a security step for them of other labels to work the investing already made by them to advance Roscommon.

Produce & A ; Own

Produce and ain options involves bring forthing a maestro entering for Roscommon which will include supplying the service of manufacturers, organizers, scribe, applied scientists and background instrumentalists, every bit good as the charges for the studio and equipment lease, blending and redacting. Under this option, Compass will negociate a trade to bring forth Roscommon’s following recording for $ 20,000 which besides includes the criterion options to bring forth and have three extra albums. They will besides discourse for a split of 50 % from Roscommon’s mechanical royalties by moving as a publishing house of her vocals on the album.

Advantages & A ; Disadvantages

Under licencing option, Compass has the advantages of offering a less expensive contract in the front terminal. However it will besides restrict the company’s future possible hard currency flow as the right to work the recording is limited to a preset period, typically five to seven old ages.

Under green goods and ain options, Compass could potentially bring forth gross indefinitely by working the music through the gross revenues of CD’s and electronic downloads, every bit good as licencing the music to other record companies or to houses that wishes to utilize the music in other media such as commercials, telecastings and movies. However there is a important drawback under this alternate whereby they will put on the line having a significantly impaired plus if the album failed.

Premises Justifications

Payback Period

From the analysis, both investing options will supply a return and doing a net income for Compass Records. However what differentiates the two options is the length of clip required to retrieve the investing already made or the initial spending.

From the analysis, license options will supply a shorter payback period of about 9 months while produce & amp ; ain options requires 1 old ages and 2 months( dispersed sheet, workings 7 )before it will get down supplying returns. In this context, licencing proves to be more attractive as shorter payback period indicates that is less hazardous as hard currency flows that occur subsequently in a undertaking ‘s life are considered more unsure. Other than that sing the tight control over investing budget in Compass Records, shorter payback period will open the chance for them to reinvest in other vocalist or album.

Using the payback method and cut downing the rating to a simple figure of old ages is an easy understood construct. Identifying undertakings that provide the fastest return on investing is more of import for companies with limited hard currency such as Compass Records. Payback method will supply speedy ratings to a undertaking with little investing and aid to mensurate hazard inherent in a undertaking.

However there are a few drawbacks in utilizing this method of rating since it ignores the clip value of money. The method besides does non see hard currency influxs from a undertaking that may happen after the initial investing has been recovered. Most major capital outgos have a long life span and go on to supply income long after the payback period. Since the payback method focuses on short-run profitableness, an attractive undertaking could be overlooked if the payback period is the lone consideration. An option of payback period such as the “discounted payback period” may be better to be usage, since it does histories for clip value of money by dismissing the hard currency influxs of the undertaking.

Discounted Cash Flow

Discounted hard currency flow ( DCF ) analysis uses future free hard currency flow projections and price reductions them ( most frequently utilizing the leaden mean cost of capital ) to get at a present value, which is used to measure the potency of investings. Discounted hard currency flow analysis is widely used in investing finance, existent estate development, corporate fiscal direction and patent rating.

In the analysis of the instance survey of the investing options in Compass Records, all future hard currency flows from the licensing and green goods and have will be taken from the premise spring and discounted to reflect their present values ( PVs ) .

Investing Appraisal ( Results & A ; Perspectives Discussions )

The analysis made from the computation of NPV and IRR based on the gross revenues of 10,000 units of albums has shown that licencing options surface to be a better option compared to bring forth and have.

In the context of a short period of clip as being analysed ( 3 old ages ) licensing has a better NPV ( $ 14,154 ) and IRR ( 60 % ) while green goods and ain have resulted a lower NPV ( $ 8,719 ) and IRR ( 29 % ) . In footings of acquiring a higher return on a short term investing, licencing option seems to be more attractive compared to bring forth and have. Contributing factor for this option to hold a higher NPV and IRR is because under licensing option, Compass Records will merely necessitate to pay $ 3,000 as the beforehand payment and $ 500 as production costs alternatively of holding to do an initial investing of $ 20,000 as the production cost under green goods and ain option.

Although green goods and ain seems to be less attractive based on the consequences of the lower NPV and IRR, it can be argued that it might be a better option from the positions of a longer term period of investing. This is because the contract will includes the options to bring forth and have three extra Roscommon albums and as being mentioned earlier, Compass can besides work the album in a assortment of ways ( gross revenues of Cadmiums, electronic downloads, licencing etc. ) without any restriction on period of clip as what will be experienced under licencing option.

Benefits & A ; Restrictions

DCF is one of the best methods in valuing an investing as the technique uses frontward looking attack and future outlooks instead than utilizing historical consequences. It besides views the rating in the position of cardinal outlooks of the concern or plus doing it less influenced by the volatile external factors. Other than that DCF analysis besides focused on hard currency flow coevals and is less affected by accounting patterns and premises. The method is besides more flexible in footings of its ability in factoring different runing schemes into the rating.

DCF besides have its restriction in footings of the truth of the rating determined since it is extremely dependent on the quality of the premises sing free hard currency flow, terminal value and its price reduction rate which can be relate to conditions where little alterations in inputs can ensue in big alterations in the value of a company. Due to the unsure quality of future premises, DCF ratings are normally expressed in a scope of values. It is besides common to run the DCF analysis for different scenarios, such as a base instance, an optimistic instance, and a pessimistic instance to estimate the sensitiveness of the rating to assorted runing premises.

Hazard Tolerance

In geting to a determination either to take the licensing or bring forth and have options, Brown must factor the hazard tolerance degree of Compass Records. Risk tolerance refers to the sum of hazard that an investor is comfy to absorb, or the grade of uncertainness that an investor is able to manage. It frequently varies with fiscal ends or aims of an investor.

Safer Investing

Licensing options is less hazardous compared to the green goods and ain as the initial spending is lesser by $ 16,500 contributed by the fact that this option does non necessitate a large investing to be made in bring forthing the album. Other than that, the payback period under this option is besides shorter which means that it less hazardous in footings of its higher capacity to avoid any uncertainnesss of long term hard currency flow. Other than that by holding a shorter payback period, they can get down diversifying the hazard by start investment in other investing chance. Compass may besides bask a higher net income inflow proven by the higher NPV and IRR and as mentioned earlier.

High hazards, high return

In the instance of Compass holding a higher tolerance for hazards, they should opted for the green goods and ain options. Although the hard currency flow projection shows that it is less profitable to put under this option, it does non to the full reflects the potency of this options as it the rating was made under a really short period of clip. However, if the chance that this option will convey over a long term period is factored into the rating, it can be considered as an attractive investing. Given the first-class path record, award received and high success outlook that Brown and West had towards Roscommon, higher initial investing requires in taking this options should be considered justifiable.

Challenging the premise


Discounted hard currency flow was prepared without taking into history the rising prices rate as it was non being provided in the instance survey. Inflation can intend either an addition in the money supply or an addition in monetary value degrees. Inflation affects an economic system in assorted ways, both positive and negative. In the instance of Compass Records rising prices is more likely to be related to the buying power of its client. If the buying power is affected by the increasing degree of rising prices, the gross revenues and projected gross in the discounted hard currency flow rating might be deteriorated and the associated cost for both options is likely to be higher.

Market Condition & A ; Market Trend

There is no adequate grounds in the instance survey which identifies the medium of gross revenues in deducing to the forecasted figure of unit sold. However there is an indicant of the current market status provided which shows that there is a major diminution in the record shops gross revenues and seeable increased in the mass market and internet gross revenues. Medium of gross revenues channel should be specify as this will demo as it will be affected straight by the displacements of client penchant in the market.

Product life rhythm & A ; Gross saless Forecast

Uncertainties of the merchandise life rhythm assumed in the instance survey can besides be challenged. It is assumed that an album merchandise life rhythm is estimated to be around three old ages. However, this might be a different instance if the album failed to take off wholly. Other than that, it has been stated that retail merchants normally gave an album about 90 yearss to bring forth meaningful consumer demand and if it failed to happen, they will get down exerting the return policy. This might besides give a large impact on the cadmium album life rhythm on the market and will straight impact the gross revenues figure.

Sensitivity Analysis

Investing Decision

In make up one’s minding on which investing option to be chosen, Brown should see all factors which will gives effects towards Compass Records investing end and aims. Factors to be considered include the rating of NPV and IRR from the discounted hard currency flow, sensitiveness analysis based on entire figure of unit sold, payback period, hazard appetency of the company and besides other qualitative steps which can better the investing analysis. Better determination can be derived if the sum of uncertainnesss and premises from the analysis can be reduced every bit much as possible by manner of making a farther merchandise and market research and integrating it in the analysis.

Fiscal study of the company have shown a well a good public presentation where they manage to maintain gross revenues and cost in control and resulted in year-end net income of $ 0.8 million. It has been mentioned in the instance survey that Compass Record is making good in the concern by aiming the music industry niche market and spread outing over the old ages. This opens for bigger capableness in puting in more attractive chances or could besides be translated to increasing the company hazard tolerance on the investing as a whole.

It is besides deserving to advert the importance of equilibrating the hazard associated on an investing with the return which will be generated. In the instance of Roscommon, Brown should see her path record and popularity in the market and besides the market demand and sustainability of the music in the hereafter. This will assist her in geting to a determination whether to put in a less hazardous option with faster return on investing by manner of licencing the record or embarking into more hazardous option with a possibility of higher return represented by the investing in green goods and ain option.

Few inquiries that she can practically inquire herself before doing the investing determination would be ; how much do the company have to put? How long the investing should be? What are the current company and market conditions? Do the company have other investings to diversify the hazard? What is the hazard profile of the company and how much flexibleness in footings of liquidness is needed by the company? As a decision, once more, Brown should see all options from different positions before doing her concluding determination on the type of contract to be offer to Roscommon.

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