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Courage Is Inside of Everyone

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Life could be cruel, unfair, disappointing. It could also be good, beautiful, and a blessing. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. What does courage to stand up for one’s beliefs do to one’s life? Is the lack of courage what makes one’s life cruel, unfair, or disappointing? Throughout history we have seen many great people such as Rosa Parks, MLK, and many other people who have changed our lives to follow up in this generation, that have made changes in our society because they stood up for what they believed in.

It took courage. Courage is inside of everyone and most people don’t use it because they are afraid of what others may think. One must stay true to oneself and have courage, but lack fear.

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Courage Is Inside of Everyone
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Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait was born in Liverpool, England in 1819. He trained as a lithographer, but was later exposed to artwork by artist such as Edwin Landseer. Tait decided to pursue a painting career; he was self taught and honed his talent by copying works of the Royal Institute.

George Catlin proved a strong influence in the young Tait and helped establish his long life passion for art. In 1850, Tait pursued his love of hunting and wildlife in America. Tait’s paintings were often depicting realistic hunting scenes such as his own wilderness pursuits and most of all his paintings involved a subject of these kind. According to Gratz Gallery: biography of Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, found in Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio. Slaves wanted their freedom and this is why they fled to Kansas, many of these slaves were women and children who produced domestic work, unlike men who produced farming labor.

Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, who painted A Tight Fix—Bear Hunting, Early Winter, shows courage in many ways; the history behind this painting took place during the nineteenth century where the Kansas Territory war took place in between black and white fighters. Tait painted this image to show the deadlock war over slavery. The painting on oil canvas was released on 1856 which made it very significant because it was released a year after the Slave Property Act against slaves was effective and during the time of the Kansas Territory war “Bloody Kansas”. The painting references tension over slavery. In the foreground you see a big black injured bear full of anger, attempting to claw a white man. Both surrounded by red blood, representing the war between both and the determination each one had to keep fighting. Feel the tension as both man and animal glare at each other ready to tear eachother apart. The innocent white snow is left with dark red stains of rage and courage. Tis unclear who is to take the victory, but both are relentless. In the far back, surrounded by many trees stands another white man holding a rifle, anxiously waiting to shoot. The man looks ready for whatever is to come his way.

The black bear emphasized black slaves who tried to fight these white men for their freedom, for their beliefs! This is an act of courage in the painting because they are both fighting for what they believe in. The courage it took for them to fight for what they thought was right no matter the consequences. They are both significant inside and out of the painting, while they each have their different beliefs they fought for them and their rights. The colors used in the artwork are warm toned and emphasizes darkness in only certain parts such as parts of the blood stains. One sees themselves as the man fighting the big obstacle in their way. Having to shove the fear out and find the strength to bring that obstacle down. Similar to what one faces in life, trying to fight the big obstacle that attacks one daily. One must have courage to end the constant battle with obstacles that life throws. Tait showed great emotion of bravery, strength, and courage in his artwork, he was a true artist to nature and with his paintings.

“See it through”, By Edgar A Guest, composes many factors that stand out for courage. The mood of this poem simply motivates you to try harder and not give in to it, meaning the problem one is facing or the roubles. This inspires one to fight back and conquer to the finish. The poem and the art work go hand in hand, having the painting side by side you see the motions of the characters that resembles what the poem says.

The troubles in the painting that the man faces is the black bear, remember that the black bear represents black slaves, they both are fighting resulting in an unclear future. For both are fighting for their lives in the art work, black slaves fought for their rights of equality and freedom. It takes courage to face a black bear who is one hundred times stronger and heavier than a human. Courage took place in both Tait’s painting and in Guest’s poem for both showed the courage the man had to fight this bear inspiring you to face your fears. Courage has given the world the opportunity of their freedom and because of the courageous acts from others in their past everyone today has rights and opportunities. Life is a constant battle full of obstacles along the way, but you must be ready to act in the sense of courage and fight the battle. Only you can define the outcome of your future, fight for it and your beliefs.

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