Everyone can get along – how helping benefits everyone

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Across the lunch table, a bully begins pushing a friend around. The friend is not strong and can’t do much to defend himself.

The bully slaps his victim’s left cheek knocking his glasses to the floor and follows through with a stomp crushing the lenses to the ground. A person watching steps in and pushes the bully across a table. This person who stepped in and made the decision to intervene did the right thing because his or her actions benefited most the parties involved. The time for a person to get involved is when someone needs help and helping that person in need may benefit more than the victim; in fact, several parties can benefit.

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Helping people where help is needed can benefit a both parties involved. Friendships can be mutually beneficial. If one party has something that the other does not, they can trade to seek their individual needs. For example, the Panama Canal was funded by the United States and provided thousands of jobs for the Panamanians, but “The united states benefited most from the Panama Canal” (Student Handout 21).

The United States also helped other Caribbean Islands seek freedom from Spain which the USA benefited from as well.Many Americans thought, “We have our markets in Cuba, in Puerto Rico, in the Philippines, and we stand in the presence of 800 million people with the Pacific and American Lake” (Senator Chuency). People can also benefit through an alliance. This alliance can give each individual in the alliance confidence knowing that someone has their back.

Helping someone in need can benefit someone’s individual needs as well has the person receiving assistance. Helping others can benefit both parties involved, however, others parties can benefit making the worls a safer place.When someone receives help, they are more likely to provide assistance to others in need which creates a ripple effect of world peace. The goal of these acts of kindness provide “a universal dominion of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free” (Woodrow Wilson).

For example, The United States’ Open Door Policy was created so “that would ensure trade access to all and maintain the semblance of Chinese sovereignty (American Promise 505). In this case, much different parties benefited from the single act of one party.The benefits of helping someone in need can benefit more than the parties involved. The time for a person to get involved is when someone needs help because helping that person in need may benefit many parties even if they were not directly involved.

When someone helps another person in need, they can trade to get resources to suit their individual needs. People who received help are more likely to help others in need creating a ripple effect. This is why it is important to help anyone in need. The right thing to do is to help others which benefits the world one piece at a time.

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