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Courtroom Matrix

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Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 1 University of Phoenix Material Courtroom Participant Matrix Complete the matrix below using your text and other resources. Title Role Interpret the law, assess the evidence, presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in the courtroom (“The Role Of The Judge, 2006). Responsibilities Ensures the trial follows legal procedures, interprets the law and finds resolutions (Michaels, 2013)

Ethical Duties – Uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary – Avoid impropriety and the appearance of the impropriety in all of the judges activities – Perform duties of judicial office impartially and diligently (“Ethical And Professional Rules For Lawyers And Judges”, 1997).

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Courtroom Matrix
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Selection Method Federal judge is appointed by the President of the United States. State judge is selected through various ways: merit system, appointed, and elected. Judge A lawyer who represents the people against a person or persons charged with violating the criminal law of U. S (“Students Legal Assistance”, 2013).

Prosecutor – Modify, add or dismiss charges based on the evidence and the likelihood of gaining a conviction.

– Administering all rules applied to how evidence is gathered, examined and presented to the court. – Can offer an opinion and make recommendations for sentencing. Seek justice by Chosen defending the victims of through local crimes. They elections. investigate process prior to the trial, decide what the charges will be for the defendant, decide if the charge is valid, and plea bargain with the defense before going to trial (Nicolet, 2013). Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 Defense Attorney Provides legal representation for an individual who is charged with a violation of the criminal law (“Role Of The Defense Attorney”, 2013). To present the argument and innocence of the defendant through researching the case and the best possible way to prove innocence. Witness or know something about the crime. Victim -Provide a valid address and telephone number. -Provide timely notice of any change in address and/or telephone number. -Provide notice of any vacation or travel plans. -Be present and punctual when subpoenaed for court appearances. Always tell the truth (“The Role Of The Victim / Witness In The Justice System”, 2008). – To attend all proceedings regarding the case. – To choose a defense attorney or request one to be assigned to To be prepared to present their client’s case and plea innocence or conditional guilt based on their information they have gathered. Ensure the clientattorney privilege so there is an open relationship between all parties. -Be respectful to all parties involved in the case – Helpful to their attorney by providing all information – Report any threats or accusations to the prosecutor or police.

Through extensive research online by the defendant on which is the best that will fit their case. They are not selected they are considered the person who had the crime happen to them through evidence. Defendant Any person accused of committing a crime, an act defined as punishable under criminal law (“Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia”, 2013). – To appear before the judge and provide a statement regarding the charge(s). – Speak the truth to all questions regarding the case. This is also not a selection. This is found through evidence that they have committed

Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 3 him. the crime through probable cause. Duties of the Jury are to reach a verdict through all of the evidence provided during the trial. These people are selected through thorough questioning by both attorneys that will best fit the case Jury To decide the facts in the case, and to apply the law on which the judge has instructed it in order to reach a verdict. If there is a conflict, it is their duty to determine what really happened (“In The Courtroom: What Does What? “, 2013). A witness “testifies” or tells the court what they know.

Information from witnesses helps the court make the right decision (“The Canadian Bar Association”, 2012). To be fair and impartial. The jury is not to discuss the case with anyone. Witnesses -Provide a valid address and telephone number. -Provide timely notice of any change in address and/or telephone number. -Provide notice of any vacation or travel plans. -Be present and punctual when subpoenaed for court appearances. -Always tell the truth (“The Role Of The Victim / Witness In The Justice System”, 2008). Use verbatim methods and equipment to capture, store, retrieve, and

To testify responsively, audibly, understandably, and respectfully (Fleetwood, Jr. , 1937). – Present proof of the determination – Provide opinion testimony in cases involving more specialized issues – Provide opinion testimony on damages (Wall, 2013). Court Reporter (Other Participants) Sits near the witness stand in the courtroom and records everything that is said during the trial (or 1) Ask speakers to clarify inaudible statements. 2) File a legible transcript of records of There is not a selection method in getting a court Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 introduced into evidence) by typing it on a stenographic machine or by making an electronic sound recording (“In The Courtroom: What Does What? “, 2013). transcribe pretrial and trial proceedings or other information (“Court Reporter”, 2012). a court case with the court clerk’s office. 3) Provide transcripts of proceedings upon request of judges, lawyers, or the public. 4) Record verbatim proceedings of courts, legislative assemblies, committee meetings, and other proceedings, using computerized recording equipment, electronic stenograph machines, or steno masks. ) Respond to requests during court sessions to read portions of the proceedings already recorded. 6) Transcribe recorded proceedings in accordance with established formats. 7) Verify accuracy of transcripts by checking copies against original records of proceedings and accuracy of rulings by checking with judges. 8) Caption news, emergency broadcasts, sporting events, and other programming for television networks or cable stations. 9) File and store shorthand notes of court session. 10) Record depositions and other proceedings for attorneys. 11) Record symbols on computer disks or CD- eporter. This is a job and is hired by the federal, state or local levels through the government. Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 5 Administers oaths to witnesses and interpreters, takes care of records and exhibits, keeps minutes of proceedings, prepares judgment and verdict forms, and generally helps the judge keep the trial running smoothly (“In The Courtroom: What Does What? “, 2013). Courtroom Clerk Primary responsibilities are to record, file and maintain District Court proceedings and maintain books and files useful for locating past court records.

The Court Clerk keeps summaries of court actions in an “appearance docket” on the computer; maintains case files; collects fines, fees and forfeitures, and distributes or expends collected monies to over 35 different agencies as provided by law. The Court Clerk also issues legal warrants, court orders, as well as marriage, beer, and pool hall licenses (“Duties And Responsibilities ROM, then translate and display them as text in computer-aided transcription process. 2) Take notes in shorthand or use a stenotype or shorthand machine that prints letters on a paper tape (“Court Reporter”, 2012) – Keeps records of all jurors and witnesses – Acts as custodian of the County Law Library – Works with the County Sheriff’s office in delivering process warrants (“Court Clerks: Duties And Responsibilities”, 2013). The Courtroom Clerk is chosen through the experience and qualifications needed per the court you are applying for. Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 6 Of The Carter County Court Clerk”, 2013). Courtroom Participant Matrix CJA/491 Version 1 References The Role of the Judge. (2006). Retrieved from http://www. cscja-acjcs. ca/role_of_judgeen. asp? l=5 Students Legal Assistance. (213). Retrieved from http://www. niu. edu/Legal/topics/courtsystem/prosecutor. shtml Role of the Defense Attorney. (2013). Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/about_5079178_role-defense-attorney. html The Role of the Victim / Witness in the Justice System. (2008). Retrieved from http://www. pcvwp. org/victim_witness. html Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. (2013). Retrieved from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Defendant The Canadian Bar Association. 2012). Retrieved from http://www. cba. org/bc/public_media/criminal/216. aspx Michaels, J. (2013). What are the Judges duties?. Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/facts_5590060_judge_s-duties_. html Ethical and Professional Rules for Lawyers and Judges. (1997). Retrieved from http://www. afn. org/~afn54735/ethics1. html Nicolet, G. (2013). The Duties of the Prosecutors. Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/info_8114939_duties-prosecutors. html Fleetwood, Jr. , W. M. (1937). A Witness’ Duties and Rights. : American Petroleum Institute. Wall, D. J. (2013).

The Expert Witness: Selecting and Managing A Vital Resource. Retrieved from http://www. propertycasualty360. com/2013/03/12/the-expertwitness-selecting-and-managing- a-vital? t=investigative-forensics&page=2 “Court Reporter”. (2012). Retrieved from http://jobdescriptions. careerplanner. com/Court-Reporters. cfm Duties and Responsibilities of the Carter County Court Clerk. (2013). Retrieved from http://www. brightok. net/cartercounty/courtclerkduties. html Court Clerks: Duties and Responsibilities. (2013). Retrieved from http://agecon. okstate. edu/ctp/description. asp? id=334

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