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Criminology Essay

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CRJC 101Criminology MidtermBrown. SharonSharon Brown 6/20/20141. Yes I do agree that there is class warfare. I do believe that the rich are always doing whatever they can possibly do to remain rich and the poor or lower class is trying to maintain what they have and obtain more to fit in. Now when referring to the conflict view theory the law is a tool of the ruling class and that the law is used to control the underclass. The rich has the power to control make laws that are bond to get cross by some individuals in the lower class.

Ones that doesn’t have the opportunities that some rich people do.2. I do think that crime is a symptom of dysfunctional society and also I believe that crime can be strictly responsible to the individual who committed the crime it depends on what the crime is. Considering that if the criminal is a pedophile you have to get information about them to figure out why they do the things they do.

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In theory with Cesare Lombroso ideas that some people have biological and mental traits that make them “crime prone”. These traits are inherited and are present at birth. The causes of crime are mental physical degeneracies. Also conflict theory can be used to back up crime is a symptoms of dysfunctional society. In Karl Marx eyes he thought that crime was a function of class struggle. Crime is inevitable when economic and social environment are produce with wealth and competition.
3. I do think that video games, music, or any other form of social media has an effect on us as an individual and as a society. Just from my personal point of view growing up playing video games that I could rob, steal and kill on was a very bad idea. That gave the okay to young kids that we could do it. I used to rob and steal all the time hoping to not get caught but just like in the video games you always end up busted. I finally did and made me change my whole way of thinking. Now with the music…

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