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A Goddess of the Earth: Gaia Hypothesis



Natural Environment



Words: 295 (2 pages)

A Goddess of the earth: “The Gaia hypothesis says that the temperature, oxidation state, acidity, and certain aspects of the rocks and waters are kept constant, and that this homeostasis is maintained by active feedback processes operated automatically and unconsciously by the biota. ” – James Lovelock, The Ages of Gaia It often seems obvious…

Case Study of Jean Watson Caring Theory





Scientific method

Words: 546 (3 pages)

CASE STUDY [pic] Rico Sandoval, a 39-year old truck driver is admitted to the hospitalfollowing an accident which caused the front of his truck to catchfire. He suffered from burns and was rushed to the ER, diagnosedwith deep split- thickness and full thickness burns of the anteriorchest, arms and hands. His vital signs are as…

Group Cohesiveness Sample

Ethnic group



Interpersonal Relationship


Power distance

Words: 2105 (9 pages)

We are grateful to a batch of people for all the cooperation and support they extended. without which this undertaking would non hold been possible. We are thankful to our Organizational Behaviour – II Professor Manish Singhal. for giving us the chance to work on this undertaking. and for all his counsel in his class…

Hypothesis about Lying





Self Esteem


Words: 1574 (7 pages)

But this by itself is merely evidence of social preferences, which as noted earlier, is a ell-established phenomenon. It has nothing to do inherently with lying aversion, since it applies just as well when the allocations are chosen directly in the dictator game rather than through communication in the deception game. This highlights Our analytical…

Results of the whole scientific process





Scientific method

Words: 968 (4 pages)

First process; is identifying the problem. After you identify the problem, there is a need to observe the problem by analyzing it through experiments or observations. Observation leads to questioning, that needs an answer and in order to answer a question a hypothesis will need to arise. Once there is a hypothesis, the next step…

The independent variable in Rube’s hypothesis







Words: 499 (2 pages)

The independent variable in Rube’s hypothesis would be listening to music for 30 minutes. The dependent variable would be the persons pulse and the type of music they’re listening to. 2. Despite the results, this experiment is not able to support Rube’s hypothesis. Suggest specific improvements that will make the experiment test the given hypothesis….

Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

Competitive Advantage




Strategic Management

Strategic Planning


Words: 6503 (27 pages)

The purpose of the study is to evaluate and discuss the concepts of strategic thinking and strategic leadership to gain competitive advantage for organizations. For this, every aspect related to strategy is discussed. The study starts with introducing the concept of strategy, strategic thinking, strategy analysis, strategic leadership, strategic implementation and learning organization. Thus, the…

Importance of Research Data


Data Analysis


Standard Deviation

Statistical hypothesis testing


Words: 9882 (40 pages)

Importance of good quality data and DATA ANALYSIS for Research Methods INTRODUCTION Conducting a survey is often a useful way of finding something out, especially when `human factors’ are under investigation. Although surveys often investigate subjective issues, a well-designed survey should produce quantitative, rather than qualitative, results. That is, the results should be expressed numerically,…

Daltons atomic theory







Words: 363 (2 pages)

John Dalton developed the first useful atomic theory of matter around 1803. In the course of his studies on meteorology, Dalton concluded that evaporated water exists in air as an independent gas. Solid bodies can’t occupy the same space at the same time, but water and air could. If the water and air were made…

Compare and contrast Two research concepts

Critical Thinking Skills


Inductive Reasoning



Scientific method

Words: 2056 (9 pages)

Introduction Research is one most of import of the three beginnings of cognition, the other two being authorization and experience. Throughout the universe, 1000000s are spent on carry oning research in every known field. The intent of the research is to educate professionals around the Earth to be better equipped in covering with their several…

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A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it. Scientists generally base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available scientific theories.


The greatest problem for mathematicians now is probably the Riemann Hypothesis. To pin your hopes upon the future is to consign those hopes to a hypothesis, which is to say, a nothingness. An electron is no more (and no less) hypothetical than a star.,“I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. “It does take great maturity to understand that the opinion we are arguing for is merely the hypothesis we favor, necessarily imperfect, probably transitory, which only very limited minds can declare to be a certainty or a truth.”

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What is an example of a hypothesis?
A hypothesis has classical been referred to as an educated guess. ... For example, someone might say, "I have a theory about why Jane won't go out on a date with Billy." Since there is no data to support this explanation, this is actually a hypothesis.

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