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Crisis Pregnancy Center

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    Patient education is a very important aspect of treating the patient. Patient education is the process by which health professionals and others impart information to patients that will alter their health behaviors or improve their health status. Not educating a patient about their care and providing direction for understanding leaves the patient at risk of having complications. Crisis Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization established to counsel pregnant women, but they also provide sexual health education, and parenting advice.

    Patient education is a key tool in their practice. Their methods include handouts, videos, nd models. Their most effective method is videos. Patients choose what material they would like more information on. They seem to be more interested in watching videos then opposed to traditional patient education methods because it is an increasing short- term retention of information. Due to the worlds cultural differences, most clinics provide patient education materials in languages other than English, including those relating to patient rights and informed consent. The translation most commonly available is Spanish. Crisis Pregnancy Centers offer both English and Spanish in their patient education.

    Their goal is to make sure the patients understanding is clear, and their answers to their questions are met. Further education for patients is typically up to the patient. There is no established set amount of sessions that need to be taken. The crisis pregnancy Center offers many opportunities in activities including classes, and support groups if patient desires. To ensure that the patient understands the material received Crisis Pregnancy Centers deliver a form for the patient to fill out asking what the reason was for their visit, and to summarize they had learned.

    Follow ups are only performed if further action is seeked. (abortion, adoption, or diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, etc. ) Different medial practices have different requirements and depends on what patients being seen for, age, and language. These all play an important factor. There are many hindrances that can occur while a patients education process is being taken place. Hindrances can affect a patients knowledge on decision making, self care instructions, and the importance of their health. Hindrances can be things like language, age, physical condition, lack of motivation and religion.

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers mostly experience hindrances that alter a patients understanding caused by confusion, guilt and fear. Crisis Pregnancy Centers goals are to make patient feel comfortable, and know that they are not alone. Their counseling services are part of their education in helping with the hindrances they come across. Again, patient education is so important for the medical office and patient. Many things can go wrong for the patient and office if the patient doesn’t understand what steps to take in their health, well being and decision making.

    Malpractice and prolonged r illness can worsen are just a couple of examples. Money, can improve education in a patients healthcare. Non-profit organizations are based on grants, taxes and charitable donations. If money were no object places like the Crisis Pregnancy Centers could afford more material in furthering education. Updated videos and models would be an Improvement and desire that’s is expressed in this area. In conclusion, Patient education is a team effort between medical staff and patients. Making sure patient is cooperative and understands can be done with knowledge of materials but also by feed back and even reenacting.

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