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The province of Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern of the USA. it has one of the largest European American populations and a strong African American population.

This is the flag of Pennsylvania. it symbolize “virtue. autonomy and independence” . The province coat is composed by a ship. olive subdivision and Indian maize ; it is surrounded by houses on both sides and a bald bird of Jove which represented Pennsylvania’s trueness to the USA.

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Philadelphia was the impermanent national capital between 1790 and 1800.

EducationThe University of Pennsylvania is considered the first university in the United States. an Ivy League university

The Ivy League represents eight private establishments of higher instruction in the Northeastern United States.

Philadelphia has the second-largest pupil concentration on the East Coast. with over 120. 000 college and university pupils enrolled within the metropolis and about 300. 000 in the metropolitan country. We called that University City.

SportsPennsylvania is home to many professional athleticss squads. including the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball. the Philadelphia 76ers ( Sixers ) of the National Basketball Association ( NBA )

Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia. place of the Philadelphia Phillies

Pennsylvania is a large province with 67 counties and about all the counties have their ain Pennsylvania Fair and one-year events.

FestivalMimes ParadeThe Mummers Parade is held each New Year’s Day in Philadelphia. Local clubs compete and prepare luxuriant costumes and movable scenery. which take months to finish. The Parade was organized by mimes back to mid-17th century. so the tradition was maintaining on proceed until now in New Year’s Day. Clown

TaxPhiladelphia is a tax-exempt metropolis. and it is the perfect metropolis to see for a shopping holiday.

Restaurants:In the late nineteenth century two Philadelphia landmarks were created. the Reading Terminal Market and Italian Market which sell all types of nutrient and other trade goods.

Italian Market

There are a batch of Immigrants in Philadelphia since 19th century and most of them were Italians. they stayed in the South of Philadelphia. The street where they stayed named Italian Market. even though merchandisers is largely non-Italian.


Cheesesteak: sandwich made with chopped beef and melted cheese on a Italian axial rotation. There are 2 eating houses opposed. Pat’s steaks and Geno’s Steaks. and it became a forte of Philadelphia.

Reading terminal market

The terminal market was a terminus of a train station. because riders were waiting for their train and merchandiser had ideal to sell nutrient to them. Then there are more than more alfresco market in this topographic point and became a market.

Independence hall

Humanistic disciplines

Mural Humanistic disciplines Plan

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