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Daimler is among the most successful automotive companies in the universe. The Company was founded in 1886 by Gottlie and Carl Benz during the epoch of car innovation. It chief merchandises include Mercedes Benz autos, Dailmer paths, Daimler Financial services, Mercedes Benz Vans and Daimler Buses. The Company is renowned for its long trucks commercial vehicles that have a planetary range.Apart from bring forthing cars ; the company besides provides fiscal services in funding, renting, advanced mobility service, swift direction and insurance services. Its ability to diverse in many countries has boosted its success in accomplishing sustainability. The driving force of the Company is to animate its clients by bring forthing province of art, comfy and environmentally compatible cars ( Kaplan and Norton, 1996 ) .

The success of the Company in carry throughing the clients gustatory sensation and satisfaction and a leader in its industry is related to a figure of factors. Some of them include investor dealingss, corporate societal duty, fiscal direction, human resource direction, selling and advertizement among others. One of the ways through which the Company has succeeded in doing net incomes and achieving client trueness despite the fiscal lags ‘ that are experienced in the market is through utilizing the Balance Score Card theoretical account. A balanced Scorecard measures a Company ‘s public presentation n the cardinal countries of fiscal procedures, client direction, the acquisition and growing curve of the company/organsation and the internal procedures of the company ( Carr and Nanni, 2009 ) .

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Daimler Balance scorecard

Daimler has undertaken a figure of schemes that places it in front of other participants in the market. For case, the Company has continously invested in the inestment of alternate dirve systems with the command of protecting the environment signifier emmission. Presently, it holds the highest figure of electirc ( emmission loose ) cars in the market. The company besides has over 100 single car theoretical accounts which are distriubted in more than 40 states. Daimler has listed its portions on the Franfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges. The Company besides ensures that it implement responsible corporate societal duty. The figure below illustrates an analysis of Dailmler Vision and a balanced mark card in the four spheres ( Dailmer, 2012 ) .




Fiscal Position

Profitability growing ; To increase the one-year gross for the Company

Addition market portion

Increase the net incomes per portion

Cost leading

Customer Perspective

Increase and heighten cultural diverstiy

Enhance client trueness and increase client informations base

Increase gross revenues gross in the long truck market section

Enhance employee satisfaction

To increase the monthly gross by increasing the gross revenues, in add-on, the operating and production cost can be minimised to increase the net net income. On the mean Daimler spent up to 18,416 million Euros in entire outgo, the mean net net income ranges between 4,500 to 5,600 million Euroroes. The Company anticipates to hold 5 % addition in net net incomes.

To increase its market portion and achive a planetary nowadays to hike the gross revenues and gross ( Dailmer, 2012 ) .

The current basic net incomes per portion is 5.32 whereas the diluted earning per portion stands at 5.31 euros. Increasing net incomes per portion ( EPS ) through investing strategies.EPS= Net income -Dividents on preffered stock/avarage outstanding portions

To cut down the overall merchandise monetary values and better the overall public presentation of the Company therefore raising the gross

To increase invention, embracing globalization and advance peace

To hold a dependable market presence therefore forestalling volatility of gross and stock

Increase the gross and net incomes from selling the long vehicle such the whether trucks. These section of clients have a higher net income border which the Company should capitalize on

Investing in employee growing and development to heighten productiveness. Reduction of high bend over rates.

The Company will present cost film editing steps.For illustration, it can engage out some of the production processes to 3rd parties. This will cut down the sum of rewards and wages. Daimler program to put in natural energy and pratise recyling to cut down the production expenses.The clip frame for this is within 2013/2014 fiscal twelvemonth. This will be reviewed by analyzing mothly, quartely and one-year fiscal statement and studies

The Company plans to venture into new markets through amalgamations and acquistions or joint ventures.Currently it operates in 40 states in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. It is aiming the African market.This is a five twelvemonth program.

One of the ways of achieving this is through bettering on the direction manner. The Company will engage competent strategic directors at assorted Stationss to better its public presentation. Alternatively, it plan to aquire other companies particularly those that are listed on the stock exchanges.

The Company shall present international labor Torahs that will guarantee that the direction squad has been selected competitively. The figure of leaders shall be sensible to cut down the leading cost.

Make sure that its Board of Directors is a representative of all the sharehoders on a planetary point of position. To implement this, the fundamental law should be ammended to include this clause.This should be implemented within a 2-year span

Introduce client keeping plans such as price reduction cards, Company clubs and carry on client studies to evalauate their evaluations in client satisfaction. This is an on-going procedure ( Kaplan and Norton, 1996 ) .

A selling run aiming new markets should be carried to showcase the advantages of whether trucks.Some of the selling tools that will be used include publicity, electronic media advertizement, giving out pamplets with brief description of the merchandise and the usage of hoardings. The selling program will besides aim major logistic companies such as Kuhne and Nigel, Bar Yusuf and boies ‘ amog others.The company will apportion financess for the same during the following five fiscal old ages.

There will be capacity builling plans during each one-fourth, recogntion of endowment and good perfromance through plans such as fillips and free vacations


Entrench proper channels of communicating and transparence with stockholders

To guarantee that there is a dependable direction squad in topographic point

Upgrade the Company ‘s web substructure to cut down bureaucratism, promote faster and more efficient transportation of information

Put a clearly defined construction in topographic point

To advance teamwork and coaction among the concern units and spouses. It will make a friendly concern civilization ( Kaplan and Norton, 1996 ) .

An effectual direction squad will use the resources of the Company, promote efficient running of the company and novice strategic growing within the company

To better the communicating procedure by extinguishing package mutual exclusiveness, rush the production procedure, better client support, and better the overall public presentation ( Dorothea, 2008 )

To better the flow of work, actuate employees and maintain proper path record of staff public presentation. Improve employee satisfaction ( Carr and Nanni, 2009 ) .

Put the right communicating channels in topographic point. The Company plans to establish an information based diary that will be updating the stockholder and the general populace at big of all investing programs and projects. This should get down in the undermentioned fiscal twelvemonth upon which the diary shall be published on a quarterly footing. With this in topographic point, instances such as cases filed by private investor Kirk Kerkorian of $ 300 million are minimized or wholly done away with.

There will be a crystalline choice of leaders through a competitory procedure. Elections will be conducted after three old ages to let proper show window of leading ability by the officeholder. Exemplary executing leaders /CEO will be given another chance

but through a consensus.

The Company plans to engage IT specializers with cognition in car production. Networking with other companies in the same industry such as Toyota Kenya to achieve a competitory advantage in the IT sphere. Once the IT specializers have been hired it will be an on-going procedure.

The Company will get down altering the current organisational construction. Every employee will be cognizant whom he or she is answerable to.

Learning and growing position

Promote sustainability issues in the Company

Develop a programme that nature ‘s endowment among bing and new employees.

Technology and invention for comfort

Enhance the procurance procedure and better on the fiscal services provided

To enable the Company incorporate issues of sustainability in the normal operation of the concern and to advance good relationship with the community environing the company

To hold a dependable employee base, cut down turnover rates, increase public presentation rates and prevent redundancy.

To fulfill the market by guaranting that the production procedure is in itself a province of art that utilizes Company recourses to bring forth the best car merchandises in the market

To guarantee that there is a smooth procurance procedure in topographic point, cut down unfruitful bureaucratisms and advance professionalism in service proviso

The Company will put towards seting the right constructions, procedures and systems in topographic point that will advance the inclusion of sustainability into the company. The Company will work with its spouses to continuously dialogue towards accomplishing a sustainable hereafter.

The Company will develop an internship programme where good executing members are recruited into the Company on an on-going footing. The leading manner by the top direction should promote freedom of look and ideas which is the female parent or inventions. Staff thoughts should be supported both financially and emotionally to the concluding phases.Conducting preparation, capacity edifice and refresher classs to from clip to clip.some points may be implemented instantly such as preparation, others should be a traveling concern scenario.

Daimler assumes duty for its hereafter. The Company plans to set in topographic point steps that will see to it that its car cut down emanation and topographic point the best mobility solutions on the route. It plans to enroll extra interior decorator to guarantee it comes up with authoritative,

safe and green vehicles.

Revise the current procurance procedure to take constrictions and at the same clip cheque on the quality of the natural stuff to guarantee that it is of the highest quality. The Company plans to construct the capacity of the current staff members and actuate them to better their public presentation.

Undertaking 2 ; Company ‘s Balanced Scorecard

Harmonizing to Johanson et Al ( 2006 p. 843 ) a Balanced Scorecard is a theoretical account that is used to mensurate the public presentation of an administration or company in a holistic manner “ The BSC thought is to pass on a holistic theoretical account, associating single attempts and achievements to business-unit aims ” . Although most Companies base their public presentation on the degree of profitableness attained, following an all inclusive position is more dependable than establishing one ‘s statement on specific countries within the organisation.

The Balanced Scorecard is a direction system that places an administration strategic nonsubjective into four chief public presentation prosodies in the fiscal, internal procedures, larning and growing and clients. The balanced scorescard is used in supplying relevant feedback that would be used in strategising the growing and development of the administration. The BSC is used to mensurate both fiscal and non fiscal elements of an administration, analyse the taking and lagging indexs and at the same clip measure both the internal and external perfromance positions. There are many grounds why the BSC, is among the best theoretical accounts to mensurate the public presentation of an administration compared to other theoretical accounts that are one faced ( Dorothea, 2008 )

One of the advantages of utilizing BSC over other indexs is that is can be used to mensurate both long term and short term aims. BSC can be used to measure the current perfomance of an administration.For illustration, by analyzing the fiscal statement of an administration ; the rate of returns can be deduced from it. The current fiscal information obtained can be used to strategize the hereafter undertaking of the administration ( Voelpel et al, 2006 ) .

Even though some administrations may non be doing a batch of net incomes, it may hold a big client base that makes it more attractive. For illustration, such company may be a speedy sale for an organistion that is aiming a big client base. It is non uncommon for a company to take over a rival with the program to stop the viing merchandise line and change over the client base to its ain merchandises and services. The balance sheets of such coup d’etat marks do non reflect the value of the clients who however are deserving something to the geting house. Clearly, extra steps are needed for such intangibles ( Dailmer, 2012 ) .

A scorecard that is non balanced is limited in position compared a balanced scorecard that is more than a aggregation of steps used to place jobs. Scorecard intergrates a house ‘s scheme with a intentionally limited figure of prosodies, nevertheless, a balanced scorecard analysis client elements, internal procedures, the fiscal elements and larning and growing positions ( Dorothea, 2008 ) . If numeral or fiscal infromation is the lone 1 that an administration uses to measure itself, it is likely to lose other of import position of the administration. The add-on of new prosodies to bing fiscal 1s merely leads to the creative activity of information overload. For illustration, adding the figure of clients per base to acquire the awaited gross may be misdirecting compared to analyzing the type of clients with specific demands, their features, economic position to acquire the awaited gross. To avoid this job, a BSC that focuses on four major countries of public presentation and a limited figure of prosodies within those countries should be preffered. The entire figure of steps should be limited to somewhere between 15 and

20, or three to four steps for each of the four positions. These steps are selected as the 1s deemed to be critical in accomplishing breakthrough competitory public presentation which is inclusive of all the success indexs.

To forestall the numeral work load, BSC is prefered compared to fiscal steps because fiscal steps are in suffeceint. While fiscal accounting is suited to the trailing of physical assets such as fabrication equipment and stock list, it is less capable of supplying utile studies in environments with a big intangible plus base. As intangible assets constitute an ever- increasing proportion of a company ‘s market value, there is an addition in the demand for steps that better study such assets as loyal clients, proprietary procedures, and highly-skilled staff ( Dorothea, 2008 ) .

A BSC incorporates the cause and consequence relationship which is critical in developing strategic programs for the company. Apart from the Balanced Scorecard, some companies used a aggregation of both fiscal and non-financial steps of critical public presentation indexs. However, a well- designed Balanced Scorecard is different from such a system in that the four BSC positions form a concatenation of cause-and-effect relationships. For illustration, larning and growing lead to better concern processes that consequence in higher client trueness and therefore a higher return on capital employed ( ROCE ) ( ( Dorothea, 2008 ) .

When used efficaciously, the cause-and-effect relationships illustrate the hypothesis behind the organisation ‘s scheme. The steps reflect a concatenation of public presentation drivers that determine the effectivity of the scheme execution. The BSC theoretical account is best placed in accomplishing a cause -effect relatioship in an administration.

The Balanced Score Card theoretical account is indepth and has reach content that maps an administration on its stratetegic mission and vision. Within each of the Balanced Scorecard fiscal, client, internal procedure, and larning positions, the house must specify its strategic aims, this entials the activites or ends that the administration wishes to carry through within that position. It besides analyses that steps and enterprises tha will be taken to accomplish T he defined end, the chief marks to be achieved in footings of output.For illustration

the client position addresses the inquiry of how the house is viewed by its clients and how good the house is functioning its targeted clients in order to run into the fiscal aims. By and large, clients view the house in footings of clip, quality, public presentation, and cost. Most client aims fall into one of those four classs that is debut of new merchandises which is measured by the volume of gross revenues after the merchandise hits the market, seasonably supply of the merchandise in the market, client relationship and client satisfaction.

Whereas scheme is articulated in footings meaningful to exceed direction, to be implemented it must be translated into aims and steps that are actionable at lower degrees in the organisation. The Balanced Scorecard can be cascaded to do the interlingual rendition of scheme possible. For illustration, increased profitableness might acquire translated into lower unit cost, which so gets translated into better standardization of the equipment by the workers on the store floor. Ultimately, accomplishment of scorecard aims would be rewarded by the employee compensation system. The Balanced Scorecard can be used in this mode to aline the scheme though out the organisation ( Dorothea, 2008 ) .

Apart from the mentioned facets of the Balanced Scorecard, there are other advantages that are straight related to the usage of the theoretical account. It is easy to interpret the scheme into mensurable parametric quantities ; this implies that it can be conducted by any individual within the administration every bit long as he or she understands its vision. The scheme is simple and can be communicated to any individual within the administration. For case, the fiscal or histories direction can non be the lone donees of the administration instead, it affects every section of the organisation.This implies that, the Balanced Scorecard theoretical account promotes team work and collerboration towards accomplishing a incorporate class as it influences and is affected by all the employees of the orgnisation.

Since its origin as a public presentation index for administrations, the Balanced Scorecard has evolved into a scheme execution system that non merely measures public presentation but besides illustates, describes, communicates, and aligns the scheme in all sectors of the organisation.

Even though the Balanced Scorecard is among the best perfromance measuring theoretical accounts used by administrations in mensurating its public presentation, it has a figure of booby traps that should be prevented. Some of the disadvantages, one of them is that, it can to the full work without indicating out the four nucleus countries, therefore a spread in one of the elements implies failure. In add-on, it focusses more on the past perfromance instead than concertrating on the hereafter indices on the administration. The usage of generic prosodies does non conform to flexibleness in a dynamic society, therefore the theoretical account does non accommodate to organizational alterations in a fast mode. Despite the few mentioned disadantages, BCM has prooved to be one of the best indices to mensurate an administrations public presentation and strategise its hereafter perfromance ( Dorothea, 2008 )


As one of the taking car makers, Daimler AG has incorporated best practises in planing and developing sophiscated and safe vehicles for its clientale. The proviso of fiscal services has besides diversified the Company ‘s investing and increased the investor ‘s wealth. By following the Balanced Scorecard in measuring its public presentation, the Company is set to present new engineering, venture into new markets, better its public presentation and invest in specific sections to increase net incomes among schemes. With proper execution of the program, Daimler is set to win in the coming old ages ( Carr and Nanni, 2009 ) .

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