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Day in the Life of a Muslim Adherent

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Living life as a Muslim means a life dedicated to worshiping God known as Allah. As a strong believer in God and the Muslim religion, I have a large amount of respect towards my faith. As a Muslim I dedicate my life to the worship of God Allah, however hold many other significant leaders and faith related individuals with high respect. Muhammad is one of the most important people in my faith as the last prophet of God.

Muhammad began spreading teachings of the Islam faith, and it was through these teachings and laws that Muhammad became known for creating the Quran along with its holy scriptures.

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Day in the Life of a Muslim Adherent
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The Quran, although not a historical or religious person plays a large part in my faith. As a Muslim it is important I live a life acceptable to Allah, to achieve this, I must refer to the Quran that establishes the five pillars, outlining the responsibilities I must complete in order to remain faithful to my God.

Declaration of Faith is the first pillar and declares a pronouncement known as the “Shahadah. ” Prayer is another significant pillar I follow, this outlines that Muslims including myself, must pray five times each day to personally worship and honor Allah. It is a Muslim law that each member of faith give 2. 5% of their money in the name of Allah, making charity the third pillar. Fasting also plays an important role in my Islamic faith as the fourth pillar, and is a ritual that is performed when asking for forgiveness.

Lastly, pilgrimage takes place to symbolically complete my religious journey. Although I take great pride in my religious faith, it can be difficult to incorporate all five pillars into my daily life. Many times, it becomes easy to put my daily life before Allah and instead ignore my daily prayers or fasting. In conclusion, living as a Muslim can be very rewarding as I display my faith through the five pillars and focus on remaining strong with Allah during present times.

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