Thesis statement pro death penalty Argumentative Essay

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There Is nothing more final than death. As such before we decide such a major Issue as the Death Penalty we better be sure of what we are doing! Superficially it may seem very simple – you kill therefore you should die – but is it really that simple? Let’s take a closer look…. In the last decade technology and DNA testing has proven that many convicted of murder were In fact not guilty of the crime. Some were alive and released after decades In Jail others unfortunately died In Jail .

Innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit more often than anyone old like to admit, and in some cases, people who were later found to be innocent have actually been put to death. One of this Is Willingham, he was convicted of arson murder In Texas. He was believed to have intentionally set a fire that killed his three kids. In 2004, he was put to death. Unfortunately, the Texas Forensic Science Commission later found that the evidence was misinterpreted, and they concluded that none of the evidence used against Willingham was valid.

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As it turns out, the fire really was accidental. Not Just only Willingham there are hundreds of Innocent men and women doing a life sentence. The questions are many! The answers conjectures. Some crimes are horrific and some regrettable and regretted by the guilty. How do we judge and what criteria do we use? Can we in fact be 100% sure of their guilt? Was the crime justifiable or what were the circumstance leading to the crime? Was the person in their right mind (and are they ever when they murder – debatable) Is it an act that that person would repeat?

What will their being put to death accomplish and what Is the reason that we want to eave a death penalty? ; Is It as a punishment or a detergent or to avoid that person from recommitting in the future? Can they be rehabilitated or be forever a risk and a drain upon society? I have here some information I gathered from BSM. Gob. PH. This website is officially owned and managed by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. According to their data, as of May 2012, we have 69735 Inmates nationwide. The population of our prisons in the Philippines is just 937.

Also, according to their data, the prisons’ capacity is only 21 929. Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, that our Jailing system is operating in 318% of its capacity. It is operating 218% over its capacity. To put it simply, imagine a cell which is built for 10 people having 31 . Imagine a prison which can only accommodate 1000 people having 3180. Therefore, the life the Inmates are living In these places Is crowded, congested, populated, polluted, Irritable, DEATH PENALTY? Why do we still need it when the condition of the inmates is serving them right already?

I mean: the victims and the family of the victims have suffered leafless nights, emotional anguish and mental trauma because of what these criminals have done. And after that, we’ll Just put them to death? I don’t think so. Putting them to death would mean that we are going to end their sufferings. This goes against the rationale of arresting them and putting them to prison for them to realize the wrong of they have done. Emotionally, it would be satisfying for the victims and the family of the victims to realize that the convicted is already reaping what he has sown.

Let them suffer the fruits of their deeds so that the victims and he family of the victims may feel that there is Justice The Death Penalty is a complex issue that many have strong feelings about. And it is actually quite understandable to want the death penalty for some like that of a child murderer with absolutely no question of his/her innocence but how about the mercy killing of a child or parent who is in pain, suffering and will never get better and doomed to live in suffering and misery but cannot end their own life? T or how about the case of a person killing another after years of abuse?

Where do we draw the line? There is nothing more final than death and as such we should insure that in our desire for righteousness does not lead us to commit the very crime we wish to punish – murder the PA billion worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabby) and drug ingredients that were seized in Pangaea.

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