Re-imposition of death penalty in the philippines Essay

As this present days the rates of crimes are Increasing Like kidnapping, murder, rape, car-napping, riding In tandem, drug smuggling and many more. This gruesome crimes has been done by the criminal without any hesitation. Why? Because they know that the capital punishment of the Philippines was light. Criminal knows that If they committed a crime they will be sent off to jail not having any punishment like death penalty.

I think that it is time to restore the death penalty as the capital enmeshment of the Philippines to discipline and to change the point of view of all citizens of the Philippines including the other countries.

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Re-imposition of death penalty in the philippines
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Restoring the death penalty is the best way to defeat the increasing rate of crimes. The citizens of the Philippines will be afraid of committing a crime if the death penalty is implemented and also the drug smugglers in other countries.

My idea in this issue was to use lethal injection as the punishment of death penalty, this punishment was not barbaric.

Instead of torturing or applying a barbaric punishment In the criminal, the government can use Ethel Injection. Implementing the death penalty Is bad but If the lives of many persons In the state Is In danger to criminals, we must act and determine how to solve this problem.

Death penalty must Implement and use correctly so that It cannot violates the human right of the people. We have the right to life, life is the gift of God. We need to respect it and to care with it. This rights will be interfered when a person is convicted with a crime and the decision of the courts was a death sentence through death penalty or euthanasia concept of mercy killing is applied.

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