Death Penalty For Corruptor

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As we know corruption in our country mainly involve in our political and economic Instruments, these problems have made the falseness and feebleness of people for them are decreasing, but it may be argued that the sentence and punishment for them are quite unfair and elite even they make heavy violation. Indeed every human living has the same rights to live even the corrupt but if the person Itself has made terrible mistake and massive impact in large societies like corrupters. We believe that sentenced of death penalty is deserve and appropriate decision for them.

It is our contention that this present time for Indonesian the corrupt should be punished by death penalty. It may be contended that there are regulations for the corrupt by law instruments and its appropriate with what they are deserved to take. However, it seems that these regulations haven’t satisfied the people yet and doesn’t make the corrupt be shamed. The death penalty is possible if there’s danger. Like it happened in Nigeria One Tatty Lanolin said “Not until we start treating corruption as a treasonable crime It will not stop.

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I will even go a step further In advocating In edition to the death sentence the seizure of all property they have acquired from the time they are suspected of committing the crime. We should remember how effectively this penalty worked during the Briar/loadable regime In combating drug trafficking. Any prospective criminals will in this way look at their options, (and) of course the government must engage in nation-wide campaign to enlighten people of the consequences of corruption, something similar to the war on indiscipline campaign.

The corruption cases in Nigeria had put them into disintegration. And if e see in our case of corruption in Indonesia like is reported by(Intranets, October 17. 2010) “Manful MD ex constitutional court chief of Indonesia he Is a person who has always supported the death penalty for graft, was speaking on Saturday at Dry Stetson University in Curably, Just days after disgraced former diplomat Shrill D]Noah was Jailed for just 18 months for channeling bribes to a National Police general” “The highest sentence handed down is 20 years,” Manful said. It was received by a former prosecutor named rip. Others have received just one to four ears. ” (Intranets, October 17,2010) signs that these decisions weren’t made distinctly. It may be making the state of our societies lead into disintegration between every aspects of civilization in Indonesia. It may be argued that death penalty is controversial as a resolution of the problem of corruption, certainly not In a democracy, no matter how poorly we practice our own version In Indonesia according to this death penalty shouldn’t be imposed.

However, China has been implementing it and the people are satisfied, rejection of the death penalty on human rights rounds was just one way of looking at It. Fact Is that It has gone down well In another country, like China and has never been protested by their people. As it happened in Beijing “Friday, April 27, 2012 : A Chinese court has sentenced Song Changing, years of probation for bribery’ (Queensland, April, 27,2012). Death penalty may not be the appropriate punishment for corrupt subjects if democracy is what we claim to practice.

While we all condemn the act of corruption by any public official, enacting laws that prescribe death penalty may be an over kill (wry. Game]I. Mom). The right prescription is to have them prosecuted, recover all funds stolen and then have them serve time in prison. But, as we know nowadays in Indonesia society corruption is become ongoing and rooted habituation that difficult to reduce, eventually stiffer punishment should be imposed like Death Penalty It can be argued that some people have moral objections to the death penalty. However, they are not overriding: the state is not obliged to accept the views of these people, as a universal moral norm” Moreover, There are a private moral thought, at most. It is true that we recognize that the death penalty effectively determines corruption, furthermore animosity for a society with frequent executions, is probably the main factor in occurring the death penalty for non-violent crimes. It may be contended that the corrupters are decreasing, there are some positive signs it quoted on (https://www. Indonesia-investments. Mom). First of all it needs to be mentioned that there is a big urge from the Indonesian people to eradicate corruption in Indonesia and the free media provide the room to deliver their voices on a national scale. They say that corruption in Indonesia and its eradication’s are ongoing to sign a good result and the corrupt itself is showing an obedience with behave the regulations. However, if we see in reality definitely there are hesitation and feel of reluctance towards people, we believe that these still aren’t completely well determined.

According to this, death penalty should be given to them in order to make them fear, be cured and hesitant when doing corruption. Corruption become plagues in our society it has made so many subject and sector disadvantaged like the building of environment, education facilities, health infrastructure and social assistance for poor people decreased and even more none, because of this greedy corrupt. In addition,” The punishments we impose for corruption play a central role in deterring future corruption.

If potentially people corrupt know they will get off with a light sentence, they are more likely to take the chance of committing corruption than if they know they will be sent to Jail for a long time” (www. Corruption’s. Org. AZ). Another argument that there are still a lot of space for manipulation like example the massive urge of people to vanish corruption meow it used by the politicians as strategy for them to win the election, nowadays we know before an election all of the candidates try to convince the chooser with their promises and mainly its about fights against corruption .

The major problem is that it is difficult to identify the corruption. Even if it is identified, there will often be nobody to complain about it. However, doesn’t mean that all of the candidates are the same hopefully maybe there is some of them who really has good desire and intention to give new hope and trust. F we can convince and emphasize our urge to make death penalty really impose and happen continually these bad mainstream things may be vanished and if there is another election all the candidates wont say fight against corruption only to make them win but they will say should be solved and prevented with so many hard efforts including put the death penalty on it to make every subject that involve feel reluctant to do that bad things.

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