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American’s support for the death penalty has changed over time but some pee pole still believe in an eye for an eye or a life for a life. These are the people who think that capital punishment is moral. Even though there are still some firm supporters of the death penalty, its supporters are decreasing. According to a poll taken by BBC News and the Wa Shinto Post on June 5, 2014, fifty percent of Americans prefer life without parole over the death penalty. This was the first time that majority agreed against capital punishment.

Back I n 1994, eventide percent of Democrats supported the death penalty but now only f retying percent are in favor of it. Even though Republicans still firmly agree with the death pee anally, there supporters have decreased from 19942014, from eighteen to seventy peer .NET. The United States is one of the remaining countries that enforce the death penalty. Capital punishment does not only affect the person being put on death row b UT it also impacts their family and the victim’s family.

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Most families believe that it will gig eve them comfort Boob 2 when it is over. They feel like it does not help them grieve. Gail Rice, whose BRB other Bruce Vandenberg was murdered in 1 997, said, “The death penalty means victim’s FAA miles are putting their lives on hold for years, sometimes decades, as they attend new hearings and appeals and relive the murder. ” Nobody wants to wake up every morning knowing that the y have to relive the death of loved one in order to kill someone else. The death penalty does not provide surviving families with the help that they need.

According to the Equal Justice Aqua’s website, the death penalty’s complex process removes millions of dollars and attention from much needed services for homicide survivors, including grief counseling, financial assistance , and Ongoing support. There are so many unsolved murder cases. Gail Lashers daughter, Unique, was never found. Many families in the same predicament as Gail launched a campaign t o end the death penalty and use the savings to fund a cold case unit to find the people who kill led their loved ones. Gail has said, “l would rather have a larger number of people caught that n have a few executed. Continuing with the impact on families. The death penalty has even torn family SE apart when they need to stick together the most if they have different views. It make SE it even worse if the defendant and the victim are related. For instance, Felicia Flood’s father kill led her mother while drunk one night. He was on death row for 21 years. In that time, Felicia and her brother had reconciled with their father. They asked the state not to execute their faith err but their request was denied. That is even more reason why it should be abolished because the state went against the wishes of the family and killed their father.

Now Felicia and her brother ha e neither a mother or a father. Boob 3 There are many why people should disagree. Another reason is it is more expo inside to execute some with death penalty than it is to keep them in jail for life. Also, it I s more simple and doesn’t bring up debate whether the person was innocent or not. For many y ears the cost of the death penalty has been a burden on many counties in Mississippi. According t o Death Penalty Information Center’s website, Quatrain County had to borrow one hundred a ND fatuousness dollars and raise taxes for three years to provide legal counsel to Anthony Car r and Robert

Simon, who were sentence to the death penalty for a crime committed in 199 O. Even after that, Simon and Carr are still on death row. Richard Dieter, executive director of The e Death Penalty Information Center, wrote that “If a defendant is convicted but not given the d death sentence, the State will still incur the costs Of life imprisonment, in addition to the increased trial expenses. ” If the defendant does not receive the death sentence, then the state would have e to pay for the court and lawyer fees for that defendant but also the money it takes to keep the deaf andante in jail. That s not only a waste of money but it is a waste of time.

That is money and time that can be spent on improving a city or building something for the youth. Not only is the death sentence expensive but the process is very long and draw win out. By the time that the defendant is putt death, they usually are about to die any way. Assistant Attorney General Clay Cesareans said, “The average length of time between a death sentence being imposed and execution carried out in Alabama is thirteen and a half ye ears. ” He also said, “If death penalty cases take twenty to thirty years to get through the court sys me, it is kind of diminishing the intent of capital punishment for being a deterrent to murder. In that time the defendant has spent most of their time in and out of court instead of behind bars where they need Boob 4 to be. Also, with the amount of time it takes to put someone to death, the victim m’s family might change their mind in order to get on with their lives and to find closure. The topic of the morality of the death penalty will always be a debatable issue until it is abolished once and for all. Some think it’s the right thing to do and will give the e victim’s family Most victim’s believe that the death penalty will not end their pain.

Some say t hat the long process that it takes for someone to be executed only makes it harder for the m to grieve. Not only does it not help the victim’s family but it also it is more expensive to exec ate someone. The long drawn out process may sometimes even take up to twenty years before t he person is given the death sentence. Some do not even make it to the chair. Although there AR e still many supporters, the numbers of supporters of capital punishment is decreasing. It has even reached an all time low in forty years.

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