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Define what commercial dance is. Support your answer with examples and Justify why these are classified as commercial dance. In this essay I will discuss what defines Commercial Dance referring to different styles that are often seen and how these can be caught under such a massive umbrella term. I will also be discussing the impact that integration has had on Commercial Dance. Commercial Dance can be defined as any style of dance that can create revenue, involving any style or quinine out there, this means that the diversity found under the umbrella term is huge.

Ranging from the technique of Jazz to the eclectic mix of movement found in Plywood dance. Plywood dance is a great example of the ideas that commercial dance has as the style is constantly changing and incorporating itself with movements and fashion styles that are most current, this is done in an attempt to sell and attract their customers, which is what commercial dance is all about; attracting your customer to your product with the aim that your display of choreography rates high enough revenue.

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By commercialism’s a style of dance it is instantly more accessible to the majority of the public and is therefore more popular than a style which is only viewed by viewers of high art or traditional folk. Commercial Dance is mainly seen in: Theatre, typically in musical productions such as Wicked or Singing’ in the Rain. This involves a cast performing to break up the acting of the piece in an attempt to maintain the attention of the audience. Cruise lines, keeping the paying customers happy with performances at breakfast lunch and dinner to keep the Rooney fresh and interesting never allowing the audiences to become bored on their travels.

Fashion shows and Catwalks, in which dancers demonstrate a high standard of beauty during shows by using choreographed movement to give the product the show a greater impact. Commercial dance can also be seen in movies such as Step Up and Strengthened as the dancers are placed in clubs, crews and on the streets do demonstrate movement that they may not truly use but is simplified and commercialese to become accessible to the public. Commercial dance can also be en in Music videos and everyday T.

V, dancers are often found in live competitions, used to create a more powerful effect on a singers performance seen in competitions such as Cofactor in which a group of dancers perform simplistic movement to avoid drawing the eye from the singer but allowing the performance to appear even more entertaining as a result of the dancers and the singers combined performance. The integration that has taken place around the world in the past century has had an enormous impact on the commercial industry.

With new moves and styles being bread wide around the world through the mixing of cultures people have been able to fuse styles, by the Joining of cultures in a city or even through the viewing of other styles on websites such as Youth, styles and techniques such as Breaking’ Jazz and house dancing have emerged. A man in Japan will choreograph a routine and place it online which is then viewed by a man in New York and adapted to be posted back online creating a cycle of improvement and change through the fusion of their own style. The most influential integration that has been seen was the integration of

Africans to the American populace which formed a difficult time for the people, but in difficult times the arts can be seen to flourish, Jazz technique was formed from the music of the African American people who brought Jazz music to the country giving a new genre of music which required a new style of dance. This meant the revolution of Jazz dance a technique that since has been seen to move alongside the contemporary music of the time. Jazz dance has influenced many different styles since and can be seen to influence others such as house dancing, contemporary once, tap and musical theatre performance.

The integration of African, Latino and other South American cultures also meant that the social dances of the time changed. Moving from Ballroom a fairly high art form to styles such as Salsa and what are known to some as ‘Party steps’ can be viewed in thousands of dance locations across the globe. This is what Commercial Dance is all about, bringing something out into the world with the hope it will spread like wild fire and fulfill the aims of that they set out to achieve through entertaining or shocking their audience.

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