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Ballroom Dance and World Dance Council



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    Ballroom dance was from Europe, and it refers to set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed in stage, film, and television. Ballroom dance may refer; at it’s widest to almost any type of social dancing as recreation. However, with the emergence of dance sport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It usually refers to the international Standard and international Latin style dance. These styles were developed in England, and are now regulated by the world Dance Council.

    There are also a number of historical dances and local or a national dance, which may be danced in ballrooms or salons Sequence dancing; in pairs or other formations is still a popular style of ballroom dance. Competitions of ballroom dance, sometimes referred to as Dance sport, range form world championships, regulated by the World Dance Council, to less advanced dancers at various proficiency levels. Most competitions are divided into professional and amateur, though in the USA pro-am competitions typically accompany professional competitions.

    The international Olympic Committee now recognizes competitive ballroom dance. It has recognized another body, The international Dance sport Federation, as the sole representative body for dance sport in the Olympic Games. However, It seems doubtful hat dance will be included in the Olympic Games, especially in light of efforts to reduce the number of participating sports. Each country in its own way regulates ballroom dance competitions. There are about 30 countries, which compete, regularly in international competitions.

    There are another 20 or so countries which have membership of the world dance competition and/ or the international dance sport federation, but whose dancers rarely appear in international competitions. In Britain there is the British Dance council, which grants national and regional championship titles, such as the British Ballroom Championships, the British Sequence Championship and the United Kingdom Champion. In the United States, amateur dance proficiency levels are defines by USA Dance. Ballroom dancing competitions in the former USSR also included the Soviet Ballroom dances, or Soviet Programme.

    Australian New Vogue is danced both competitively and socially. In competition there are 15 recognized New Vogue dances, which are performed by the competitors in sequence. These dance forms are not recognized internationally, neither are the US Variations such as American Smooth, and Rhythm. Such variations in dance and competition methods are attempts to meets perceived needs in the local market-place. In China, dancers make use of open ground such as squares, parks and even sidewalks to strut their stuff. [Zhang Bo / For China Daily]| Waltz in China Ballroom dancing become popular in China’s big cities started from mid 1980s.

    Waltz, especially the slow waltz is very favored not only by middle-aged, but also by young people of the dancers because its triple metre tunes tend to be more lyrical. In its early years of popularity in China, ordinary people of the dancers were more conservative than nowadays. Not many people knew how the standard ballroom dance looks like. They just followed some people who were trained somehow, and followed the beat of the music. Usually, the music were popular Chinese songs, moreover, dancers were enjoying the songs and move around at the same time.

    With its unique charming and elegance, Waltz is gaining popularity in Chinese community From 1990s to date, China has undergone enormous changes. The fast growth of economy Accelerate the pace of life. People now are trying to relaxing their nerves. Feng Shu (2002), the author of the article “Ballroom Dancing in China” says, unlike the English term, ballroom dancing in China has nothing to do with the place where people dance. In addition to ballrooms, many Beijing local people also dance in public places, especially in the summer.

    Whether it’s early in the morning or at dusk, many people are seen strutting their stuff in car parks, parks or squares, and it has become a unique scene in Beijing as well as in other cities in China. ” Ordinary worker in China are retired at the age of 50, many retirees are still energized and have free time to enjoy their life, and then they regard the dance as a type of morning exercise, while mid-aged, hard working people relax their nerves in the evenings. The reason that people like to dance in the parks is that the air in the parks is fresher than in the ballroom, and more over, it is free of admission. History of foxtrot dance

    The Fox-trot originated in the Jar din de Dense on the roof of the New York Theatre. As part of his act downstairs, Harry Fox was doing trotting steps to ragtime music, and people referred to his dance as “Fox’s Trot. “Variations of the foxtrot include the Peabody, the Quickstep and Roseland foxtrot. Even dances such as the lindy and the hustle are derived to some extent from the foxtrot. There was no doubt that the fox-trot was the most original and exciting of their various dances. In 1928 which first come to China port Shanghai, due to the “fox” in English translation is the meaning of the fox, said to do the foxtrot in our country.

    Foxtrot dance in music star performance Foxtrot dance can be performed very smooth, and beautiful. Choosing foxtrot dance in their performance can make their performance more attractive, such as Kirstie Alley, and Petra Nemcova. They always choose to dance with the ballroom dance on their performance to make the performance more attractive. However, some of the dancing starts did n’t get the professional guide, so their performance can’t perform the content of the foxtrot dance. Foxtrot dance in social Foxtrot dance is the wedding ceremony, banquet and meeting social popular dance.

    Married couples usually choose a fox-trot dancing the foxtrot or a waltz dance as a wedding ceremony of the first double dance, I wish to marry the couple from then on began to happy, beautiful, romantic, a brand new life (we hope). Seldom people choose to dance Foxtrot dance well at night club. The reason may because there is no enough space and most of people don’t get the professional teaching. History of the Cha-cha dance In the 1940s, many American tourists frequented resorts in Havana, Cuba, where Latin American dances rose to popularity as American and Latin American musicians mingled.

    Jazz and Afro-Cuban beats were mixed to create new dances, including the mambo, of which the cha-cha is a derivative. By the 1950s, the mambo was simplified to two slow steps preceding three quick steps, and this dance became the cha-cha. Development of the Cha-cha dance The cha-cha requires very small steps because of its rhythm. The cha-cha part of the rhythm is almost a chasse, or a series of small gliding steps that touch the floor. It is danced to 4/4 times, meaning that there are four beats to a measure. The count is slow-slow-quick-quick-slow, and dancers turn while executing the steps.

    The cha-cha requires a lot of hip motion, which is how dancers make it expressive. Cha-cha became immensely popular in the United States alongside the mambo in the 1950’s. Intense competition developed between orchestra and famous jazz musicians to play a better Cha-cha and mambo. Dancers invented new steps and turns to win competitions. New York, Miami and San Francisco were all hubs of this New Dance. Prado Perez and this Orchestra, in their 1951 to , laid the seeds for the Cha-cha to become not just a Latin American dance, but also an American one.

    Cha-cha’s current situation in China In China, most of the ballrooms play Cha-cha-cha as the ending of the day’s business because of the fast speed and strong rhythm is a perfect fitting for ending. The flashing lights are the most attractive objects for young people in China. On October 21, 2012, in the House of the Huang Cheng Chancellor of Shan Xi Province, the group Cha-cha activity was held by Beijing Jiayoutongxing International Screen Culture Center and “Tourism”, a program of Henan Television.

    With a total 8685 people participating in the group Cha-cha, it set the world record granted by the World Record Association for being the group Cha-cha danced with the most people in the world. Conclusion Nowadays, with the influence of business trading; tourism; political from foreigner countries, more and more people and communities in China have seen and accept the new concept of dance. Dance is like a bridge which connects all the countries and their cultures. You can see children, young fellas and mid-aged people dancing all different kinds of styles in Ballrooms, parks, and classrooms.

    There are lots of young Chinese spending their time on classic and modern dancing and quickly the dancers from China have been showing themselves among the stage of world. Pioneers named Qin Liming and Qiao Yang won the gold medal of the pas de deux at the Fourth Paris International Modern Dance Contest in 1990 with the dances Passing Voice (choreographed by Cao Chenyuan) and Impression of Taiji. Chinese artists began to rapidly enter modern dance circles with their works of international standard and the charm of the Orient.

    Along with those Professional dancers of China, the communities in China’s society become largely expand with the passions on classic and modern Latin dances, thousands of dancing school and dancing couches began to using dance teaching as their life. During the period of 1997 to 2003, Chines people are charmed by the enthusiasm and passion of Latin dances which leads to a wave of dancing at every corners of east coast of China. The influences still exist and you can still see many yound and old Chinese dance Latin like Cha-cha and waltz in Ballrooms in China.


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