Definition of Communication Essay

There are various definitions of communication. he word itself is derived from the Latin verb ‘communicare’, which means “to share” or “to make common”. That derivation provides one half of the English meaning of communication. The other half of the meaning of communication has to do with information and meaning. The word ‘communication’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means common. Communication, thus, is the process of sharing facts, ideas and opinions in common. Communication is said to take place when an individual conveys some information to other.

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The person conveying of sending the information is called the ‘sender’ or the ‘communicator’ and the person receiving the information is called the ‘receiver’ or the ‘communicatee’. The information conveyed is known as the ‘message’. The act of conveying the message is called ‘transmission’. The reaction of the receiver to the message is what is called ‘response’. 1. Two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which the participants not only exchange [encode- decode] information but also create and share meaning.

These are some of the important and interesting definitions of communication: • Communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another – Haimann. • Communication is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create understanding in the minds of others – Allen. • Communication is the exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons – Newman and Summer. • Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another whether or not it elicits confidence but the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver – G. C. Brown.

•Communication is an intercourse by words, letters, symbols or messages, and is a way that one organization member shares meaning and understanding with another – Koontz and O’Donnell. • Communication is the intercourse by words, letters or messages, intercourse of thoughts or opinions – F. G. Meyer. •Communication is the process of conveying messages (facts, ideas, attitudes or opinions) by one person to another so that they are understand

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