Definition Of The Four Factors Of Production Commerce

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Natural Resources – sometimes called land – consists of all the gifts of nature. This includes mineral sedimentations, H2O, cultivable land, flora, natural woods, marine resources, the ambiance, sunlight and carnal life. They are a fixed supply. If we want more of them, their handiness can non be increased. It is possible to work some of the resources, for illustration, minerals. Once the minerals are used, they can non be replaced.

Labour – is defined as the exercising of human mental and physical attempt in the production of goods and services, where worlds are rewarded in the signifier of an income. The quality of labor is depends on the size of the population and the part that is able and willing to work. The quality of labor, which is described by the accomplishment, cognition and wellness of the workers, is of import.

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Capital – is made up of manufactured resources, such as machines, tools and edifices which are used in the production of other goods and services. It is those touchable things that are used to bring forth other things. These resources do non hold an limitless life.

Entrepreneurship – is the handiness of natural resources, labor and capital is non sufficient to guarantee economic success. These factors of production have to be organised by people who see chance and are willing to take hazards to bring forthing the goods, believing that they will be sold. These people are called enterprisers. They are the driving force behind the production. They are the pioneers, the instigators, who take enterprise. They believe that their thoughts will do a net income.

2.1 The Four Factors of Production in the Economy

2.1.1 Natural Resources

To better the usage natural resources we can implement ordinances to protect the natural resources like woods which will increase touristry ; promote farming to turn veggies and fruit ; the investing to better the engineering to mine minerals ; and happen ways to better the use of our natural resources.

2.1.2 Labor

The labour ordinances restrict entrepreneurship, enable authorities patron, enable employment, modulate minimal pay, maintain criterions of working conditions, and guarantee safety conditions.

2.1.3 Capital

We can promote foreign investing, investings in substructure to heighten production easier, for illustration route care and encourage of loans for new concerns.

2.1.4 Entrepreneurship

To promote entrepreneurship the alteration can get down in schools whereby economic sciences can be introduced as portion of the course of study, encourage concerns to hold unfastened yearss for pupils to larn how the concern plants, develop and have tools that enhance entrepreneurship.

2.2 The Four Factors of Production in our Administration

2.2.1 Natural Resources

For the administration, there are no natural resources that are used.

2.2.2 Labor

Using persons who have the makings, the mental attempt, cognition and encephalon power, to suit the administration ‘s civilization and values will heighten the concern. Training will authorise and heighten the employees to make their occupation efficaciously. BankSeta assists in bettering and up-skilling employees in the fiscal sector. It is of import to taking attention of the wellbeing of the employees – for illustration, holding a canteen for employees where the nutrient is easy accessible and safe and clip to travel and purchase tiffin and to guarantee employees acquire the relevant preparation so that they are efficient in their occupation. There are two types of physical energies in the administration – Gross saless and Admin. Gross saless bring in the concern so the Admin can make their occupation. The administration is reliant on clients for the concern to turn. Admin run the daily admin and they are dependent on the external energy.

2.2.3 Capital

In the old premises, the parking was non easy accessible, the edifice could non suit all the employees, there were non adequate on the job Stationss and the engineering was non up to standard. In the new constructing the engineering and package have been upgraded. The administration needs to guarantee that the systems are suited for the Banking sector. Suitable on the job Stationss are installed, which will heighten the wellbeing and working environment of the employees. The edifice and meeting suites have been built to heighten the patronage and interaction with clients. The edifice undertakings the administrations values and civilization. The administration ‘s trade name and repute has been built on RMB and it continues to construct its repute through its client services.

2.2.4 Entrepreneurship

The administration encourages inventions. There is an inventions web log where employees can subject their thoughts to direction where all thoughts are taking in consideration. The administration is level structured and unfastened program Directors are unfastened to their employees and supply changeless feedback. Employees are empowered and encouraged to take control of their ain development. Employees live and believe in the administrations values and civilization. The administration is developing self prolonging systems. The administration is current implementing the attention and growing theoretical account which is focused on lovingness and turning the employees as persons.

3. The South Africa Foreign Trade ( Imports and Exports )

In this subdivision of the assignment, I refer to the Trade Report – October 2009 submitted.

The basic indexs subdivision indicates the trade per capita which is the estimated trade of goods and services over the last three old ages – based on the population. The GDP is measured in nominal footings and with market exchange rates. The trade-to-GDP ratio is the estimated trade of goods and services over the last three old ages – based on the GDP. The existent GDP are exports and import of goods and services of informations at changeless monetary values. The ranks in the universe trade of ware and services are defined as members as single bargainers and as one bargainer. In my sentiment the per centum bead from 2007-2008 was from the Wall Street fiscal autumn in 2008, which affected the per centum bead from 2007-2008 of exporting of goods and services. As we had the FICA and KYC ordinances in topographic point, this protected us. The per centum bead from 2007-2008 of importation of goods and services, in my sentiment, reflected the fact that the importers were being cautious and they were concerned that the locals would n’t hold the financess to purchase goods and services. Consumer disbursement per family decreased.

The ware trade is broken up into three subdivisions – Agricultural merchandises, Fuels and excavation merchandise and Manufactures. In my sentiment the per centum bead from 2007-2008 of ware exports was caused by the fiscal autumn of Wall Street. The ware imports per centum from 2007-2008 stayed invariable. For South Africa, I feel that we have non been every bit affected every bit much as other states. The state felt the recession in 2009. Exporting and Importing of:

Agribusiness which consists of natural stuffs and nutrients such as veggies, fruit, maize, sugar. In my sentiment we export the best class of our nutrient and sell the remainder to the locals. This increases the production of GDP and the economic system. We should increase our export of agribusiness. We import fewer nutrients and merchandises into the state.

Fuels and excavation merchandises which consists of other minerals, fuel and ores and non-ferrous metals. In my sentiment we should non export that much. This should diminish. We should instead increase our accomplishments and cognition so that we can export the terminal merchandise. This would increase our GDP and the economic system. For illustration, gold: we export most of our natural gold and import the terminal merchandise because we do non hold the accomplishments and cognition to do the jewelry. The changeless lessening and addition of fuel monetary values affects the economic system and people spend. The per centum of imports, in my sentiment, is acceptable as this keeps the balance of the economic production degrees.

Industries which refers to steel, Fe, chemicals, other semi-manufactures, machinery, conveyance equipment, fabrics, vesture and other consumer goods. In my sentiment the per centum of exports should diminish as the state should utilize these stuffs to construct the economic system of the state. In constructing the position of our state, this would increase our economic growing. For illustration, edifice houses. The exporting keeps our foreign exchange inline with other states. If the exportation decreases, the importation will diminish. In some cases, it is better to import the parts to be assembled locally than to import the terminal merchandise. For illustration, in the Operations, Implementation Management and Sustainability, the lector gave an illustration of a company who saved on overall costs by importing the parts and piecing it locally alternatively of importing the terminal merchandise. South Africa has really advanced people and we should get down believing in what we have. When authorities or investors do non see the potency of the advanced thoughts, the pioneers end up selling their thoughts to other states and stop up importing the terminal merchandise. We should pass more clip in puting in these advanced thoughts as this will increase our economic growing.

Commercial Services Trade, which refers to building, finance, computing machine, insurance, communicating, cultural and recreational services, information, other concerns, royalties and other fees. In my sentiment the per centum of exports and imports indicates that there is a deficiency of involvement, interaction and investing in South Africa from other states.

Transportation – in my sentiment the per centum of exports is acceptable. The per centum of imports indicates that we lack the accomplishments and cognition to prolong our transit.

Travel – the per centum of exports indicates that locals prefer to go to other states alternatively of our ain. We should better our touristry locally to promote the locals and aliens to research South Africa. This state has so much to offer.

Other commercial services – in my sentiment the per centum is acceptable.

We are losing people who have the accomplishments and cognition in industries like medical specialty, technology, engineering and building to other states. We should be retaining these accomplishments to construct a better state. We should be puting in developing in our people, authorising them so that they have pride in themselves and are proud of their state, so they can do it a better topographic point to populate.

4. The Banking Sector, Organisation, Department and I

The administration signifiers portion of the banking sector. The banking sector is linked to economic growing through heightening the entree to fiscal services, and increasing fight of domestic fiscal markets – both of which cut down the costs of funding. The basic function that the banking sector plays in the procedure of reassigning nest eggs to borrowers is risk sharing, supplying liquidness, information and improving efficiency. If the fiscal markets are good developed, they improve the handiness of financess to back up borrowers and impart the financess to where the rates of returns are higher. Positive effects like this can increase the economic growing by larger capital accretion with lower cost of funding and increased efficiency. But in some states, the fiscal markets are non developed and market failures exist everyplace.

By bettering the entree to fiscal services and the efficiency of fiscal mediator, which can cut down the cost of financing the banking sector, stimulates capital accretion and economic growing.

The function of money replaced the swap system. Each individual could merchandise whatever he or she produced for one common thing. Money means a set of common monetary values can be established. Money is a medium of exchange between persons and a manner to administer the ownership in society. It is by and large accepted as payment for goods and services and refund of debts. Money is used for mundane disbursement and salvaging for the hereafter. Salvaging money for future usage is to guarantee that the values of the nest eggs do non diminish but increase overtime by through investings and earning of involvement. Money helps our economic system to work more swimmingly, it has three cardinal functions:

A medium of exchange

A unit of history or a criterion of value

A shop of value for future usage

The features of money:


Not easy produced by people

Relatively scarce

Not excessively scarce

Easily transported


The administration needs to guarantee that their merchandises are inline with their rivals and keep the supply of money and adoption from clients.

The Learning Solutions ( LS ) Department is in the procedure of going a self-sufficient system. We are working good together and have the same focal point and ends. At our annual meeting, we discuss the past twelvemonth – what we have accomplished, what obstacles we came across, how we can better, what changes we would wish to see and what our focal point and ends will be for the approaching twelvemonth.

We had looked at the maps of the Human Resources ( HR ) section and determined that there were common countries and maps that the HR section had. The LS section was a closed system and had no interconnectednesss with them. The HR section have three subsystems viz. , People Development, Administration and New Recruits. The imbrication of work countries are the new recruits and the people development. Changes needed to be made.

The alterations that HR section made:

Administration is an unfastened and closed system, they have confidential information that should non be shared with other employees ( wages and medical assistance ) and the employees submit general disposal / questions

New Recruits is an unfastened and closed system, they excessively have confidential information that should non be shared with other employees ( understandings between the Bank and employee ) and information about the new recruits will be shared with the LS section

Peoples Development is an unfastened and closed system, they have a good relationship with all the directors and cognize where employee development is required and this information will be shared with the LS section

The alterations that the LS section made:

Develop a unfastened relationship with the New Recruits squad

Develop a unfastened relationship with the People Development squad

In doing these alterations we are enabling the growing of cognition and authorization in the employees. The employees are enabled to be efficient at their occupation. In being efficient and knowing, they will heighten the growing of our clients and their investings which will help the growing of the economic system.

Each person contributes to the economic system. How can I lend to the economic system? I need to understand my fiscal position and increase my wealth. I need to find what money I save and invest for the hereafter and invest in my state. I need to prolong my cognition and personal growing. I need to be cognizant of the state ‘s fiscal position. I need to equilibrate my demands with the available resources.

5. Inflation – Consumer Habits and Behaviour

The definition of rising prices is the rise in monetary values of goods and services in an economic system over a period of clip. When monetary value degrees rise, the unit of currency bargains fewer goods and services. It is an eroding of the buying power of money. Inflation occurs when the monetary value addition of goods and services are recorded over a period of clip. The general monetary value degree is measured by the Consumer Price Index.

As the monetary value degrees rise, the consumer wonts and behaviors are affected. Consumer behavior is the survey of when, why, how and where people do or make non purchase goods and services. It is about understanding the consumer ‘s purchasing decision-making procedure in an effort to understand people ‘s wants. Habitual forms of disbursement that consumers have over a period of clip are the best thing that can go on to a trade name. For this to go on there are two conditions that need to fulfill the consumer – the trade name in inquiry must fall into a merchandise class that elicits a low degree of engagement from the consumer when sing buying the merchandise and the consumer becomes a satisfied client when purchasing the merchandise – the trade name should present on what was promised. For the trade name to be a portion of the consumer ‘s wont, the critical demand is the bringing of value on the first purchase.

Inflation occurs when the demand for goods and services addition and the supply remains unchanged or the addition of cost of production which pushes up the monetary value degree. How does this impact the consumer? It is dependent on the affordability of the consumer. For illustration, in the beginning of the twelvemonth 2008 I bought 6 cocoa gems at Woolworths for R10.99. In 2009, the costs had increased to R24.99 for the same merchandise. Due to the monetary value addition, I no longer purchase the cocoa gems.

6. Microeconomicss and Macroeconomicss

Microeconomicss is the survey of how family and administrations make determination to apportion limited resources. It examines the behavior affect of the supply and demand of the goods and services which determines the monetary values which in bend determine the supply and demand of the goods and services.

Macroeconomicss trades with the public presentation, construction and behavior of the full universe. It looks at indexs such as GDP, unemployment rates, monetary value indexes to understand the whole economic system maps.

If the micro and macro economical public presentation was sustainably improved, the alterations to the consumer behavior would be:

For Micro:

Our environment would be more stable

There would be overall well-being and enjoyment in persons, less emphasis

Depending on the person ‘s mentality, there would be more investing and disbursement

The wealth of persons would turn

Decrease in offense

Decrease in in-migration of persons

Addition of skilled persons

Downfall is that there would be overspending and more debt

For Macro:

The economic system would be more liquid

There would be a growing in external investors

The state would be more productive and advanced

Addition of touristry

Addition of entrepreneurship and resources

Addition of the well being of the state

Decrease of poorness

7. Decision

Each one of us on an single degree has an affect on the economic system, which affects the administration, which affects the state. If the administration wants to turn they need to hold good leading accomplishments and bringing of goods and services. In my sentiment the betterment of the economic system starts with oneself. I have a good apprehension of my ain fundss and how I can increase my wealth. I have realised that I need to better my apprehension of my administration and how it affects the economic system of the state. I need to better my apprehension of the economic system of the state.

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