Degradation of Qualitative Education System

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The grading system has increased the possibility of achieving higher scores compared to the previous system. However, it also imposes limitations on question papers, restricting focus and critical thinking. Exceptional students still manage to excel, but they thrive when their knowledge is put to the test. The provision of chapter options promotes selective studying rather than comprehensive coverage of the entire course material.

The students choose to confine their knowledge. They have developed the concept that even if they perform poorly in academics, they will still be promoted. In the past, we could distinguish between excellent and average students, but the new grading system does not motivate highly capable students. Now, both average students and top performers will receive the same rank.

As college admissions become increasingly challenging, there is growing concern about the potential frustration that more students may soon face. Previously, this difficulty contributed to a rise in suicide rates as a result of mental pressure. However, presently students encounter a different challenge: an overwhelming number of projects, assignments, and activities as part of their education. Schools have no restrictions on the quantity of assignments they can assign to students.

Furthermore, the lack of assessment regarding the effectiveness of guidance provided to students in improving their skills is concerning. Additionally, insufficient time allocated for self-study leaves students susceptible to manipulation by teachers who exploit them for personal reasons. This worrisome situation arises from students’ constant fear of being taken advantage of by the teacher if their requests are unfulfilled.

The degradation of the qualitative education system is the ultimate outcome. CBSE policymakers aim to simplify the entire education system to increase literacy rates. However, they seem unconcerned about maintaining a high level of quality education to nurture future leaders. Eventually, the CCE system will not be sustainable, and we will all have to return to the old platform.

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