Diagnostic Essay

My history as a writer began like the opening of any book you could read in the world - Diagnostic Essay introduction. To extrapolate, I began my adventure in reading and writing by learning to read from left to right, and from right to left. I feel like through my early learning in Montessori school, and Hebrew school I have gained enough knowledge to pursue the next course in college learning. In my past I learned that reading and writing in different languages is difficult. I learned the numbers in French and I never pursued the French vocabulary flash cards. I was about seven when I began to learn about the French language. I prospered for a while it seemed at Hebrew school. Writing in general was hard as a child, and I only remember that my favorite word in French was “wheat” and my favorite character in Hebrew is Lamhad. I was brought to this class to experience a way of learning that is both personal and comfortable. I am happy to have a professor that cares a lot about his students. The teacher student bond is similar to the mentor deciple bond. They both require patience and humility to begin. The mentor disciple relationship is what encompasses for me, my experiences with background, family, hobbies, interests, jobs, and dreams. The mentor disciple relationship is what I strive to achieve in my life, because I see all things in life have the same relationship.

My coming to this class must be represented by an unquenchable thirst to help other people. My professional career is aimed at creating an environment where people can feel better. I am pursuing many goals in my lifetime. I really want to become a strong minded person so I may be able to help those in need. I want to pursue happiness. That is my most prevalent goal. The pursuit of happiness in life takes on many forms

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I have come to this class to learn more about the American traditional way of reading and writing. I I hope to achieve a great deal of understanding of the

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