General description and Process happens

A “process description” is defined as a general description of how a process happens, step by step. * Process descriptions avoid giving commands, avoid using the pronoun “you,” and make use of the present tense (as in “First, the driver inserts the key in the lock”) and avoid giving commands. -It does not tell the reader what to do; rather, it describes how something happens. Examples of process descriptions are any kind of manual, pamphlet, or sheet describing how a type of machine works, how a human process works, or how a type of event works. GOAL- The goal Of writing a process description is to provide a general introduction o how something works. Any good technical, professional, or business training program-?whether in school, at work, or in a manual-?must acquaint people with how the machines, technology, and/or processes around them work. A process description provides this general information. It does so, usually, in the framework of an introduction, a series of sections describing the steps of the process, and a conclusion.

You need to add sufficient details that your readers will have a clear understanding of the process. -How to create a Process Description? – A. Introduction Your introduction should be a concise paragraph that supplies a good entente definition of the process to be analyzed. Like any technical document, it should state the scope and purpose the paper. B. Brief Description In another brief paragraph (or possibly the same one as the introduction), answer the question, “How does it happen? This brief description should stand alone – that is, it should not refer to details, facts, or terms that aren’t explained within the summary. You will probably have an easier time writing this section if you save it until you have written out the complete description. Conclude this section by breaking the process up into stages: “The principle takes of writing process are planning, drafting, revising, and proofreading. ” Then, focus on each step in turn. C.

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Step-by-step Description For each step in your description, write a miniature process description: define the step * state its purpose (or function within the process) * providing the necessary context, and * include brief mechanism descriptions for any components that may be involved D. Conclusion Without being excessively redundant, review the major steps in the process. Walk the reader through one complete cycle, emphasizing how the completion of each stage contributes to the final overall effect.

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