Different Views on Abortion in Texas

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Texas state political party platforms, do you support the Republican or Democratic platform on the issue of abortion? In this issue, I support the Republican Party, although in my opinion, there are some very deep issues with this. I’ll explain myself. I am a firm believer that no one has the right to take a life but God. Some people claim that until the child is born it is not a live person but I will have to disagree. As long as there’s a heart beating there’s life, weather is has been delivered to this world or not. I too believe that an unborn child has the individual fundamental right to life.

And I support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion. But I think there’s a very complicated side of this whole deal. That is the victims that become pregnant due to rape. A pregnancy is a very beautiful thing and mothers connect to their child from the point they first know they’re expecting and having to keep a child from an unwanted person due to such event is something that needs to be thought upon. This is a very complicated that I wouldn’t like to be a part of resolving it. Either way you will be right and wrong. With that being said, I still support the Republican Party. For the 2010 Texas state political party platforms, do you support the Republican or Democratic platform on the issue of homosexual marriage? This is a tricky issue. I believe on equal opportunity for all, regardless. But this humanitarian belief crosses lines with my religious beliefs. I think everybody will have to explain themselves to God and his stipulations so I am confident enough to say that even homosexuals can and will have a chance to have God’s forgiveness. Now, will I rather raise my children in a place where this behavior is close to, or not existent? I would. I would definitely support the Republican Party.

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Not only because of my religious beliefs, but because this is greater than just allowing homosexuals to get married. This is about civil rights. This is about having custody and adopting children, which gives those children the wrong impressions in life. Don’t think a homosexual couple is going to teach children about traditional marriage so they can then make their own decision in marriage. That will make them look like they are doing the wrong thing. I don’t get how America became the most powerful nation in the world by sticking to our ideas and believes, and what brought us there.

Now we want to accommodate everyone’s believes, opinions and ideas. 3. For the 2010 Texas state political party platforms, do you support the Republican or Democratic platform on the issue of public school vouchers? I would have to support the Democratic Party platform on this issue. The US has been in a steep decline in the last decade when it comes to education comparing to the rest of the world. I get what the Republican Party is trying to do here. With options to go to a private school you might get what our public school system is caking.

But we have to think outside the box here. Look at the big picture. We can’t focus on helping the few, that’s not going to fix our education as a nation. And this is why I will have to support the Democratic Party on this issue. We need to look for ways to better the public system. That way we can better all of the students in the US raising the education level as a whole instead of just allowing a few to do so. I believe that we will succeed as long as we fix the needs of the most and not by changing our laws, beliefs and visions to benefit the few.

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