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The Digital Fortress Program and Unbreakable Algorithm



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    “As a precaution, every file entering TRANSLTR had to pass through what was known as Gauntlet- a series of powerful circuit-level gateways, packet filters, and disinfectant programs that scanned inbound files for computer viruses and potentially dangerous subroutines. ” Chapter 9 (Page 60) This passage confirms my previous prediction of the book having a technology based theme. This passage is a great example because of the fact it contains much information about the Gauntlet, the program built to protect the super computer TRANSLTR. “Susan’s eyes locked on the screen.

    Her mind searched desperately for some other explanation, but there was none. It was proof- sudden and inescapable: Tankado had used mutation strings to create a rotating cleartext function, and Hale had conspired with him to bring down the NSA” Chapter 36 (page 191) This passage gives us a clear indication of the conspiracy theory that I predicted earlier. However in this case it is two people conspiring against the NSA, instead of a government conspiracy. Also in this passage we learn more about the program Digital Fortress, the unbreakable algorithm. Strathmore’s vision had been bold – a world encryption standard with a back door for the NSA” Chapter 96 (page 412) This passage shows the government conspiracy aspect of the book. Strathmore is the head of cryptography section of the NSA, and he had planned to put a back door in the computer program Digital Fortress. His back door key would allow him access to decrypt anything that was out on the internet without the public or the EFF, the leading civil liberties group defending rights in the digital world, knowing what he was doing.

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