Unbreakable Film Review Essay

This film poses a lot of unanswered questions and leaves you thinking what the hell just happened. After M.

Night Shyamalan’s huge success with the sixth sense you like many people would probably expect this film to be great. The director returns to his hometown Philadelphia once again. It has the great ingredients for a great movie: superhuman powers, good guys, bad guys, supernatural ideas and the very talented Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, but the movie falls short of even okay.

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Unbreakable Film Review
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David Dunn (Willis), an ex-jock security guard with a failing marriage (to Robin Wright Penn), is the stunned sole survivor of a train derailment. Approached by Elijah Price (Jackson), a dealer in comic book art who suffers from a rare brittle bone syndrome, Dunn comes to wonder whether Price’s theory that he has superhuman abilities might be true.Half convinced that Dunn is the equivalent of superman he starts to fight crime while gradually realizing that he is ‘unbreakable’.

Dunn’s son Joseph encourages him to test his powers resulting in a kitchen scene filled with thrills when Joseph pulls the family gun on his dad desperately trying to prove that he can’t be killed.

Throughout, the film refers to a comic book like image with the comic gallery becoming to look like a lair, and Dunn’s waterproof coat looking like a cape also the fact that like superman’s only weakness is kryptonite Dunn only has one weakness, water. The last scene of the film has a big twist, which only a hick could find clever but I found it almost as bad as being hit by a truck. Many people would already see it coming and for such a boring wait I would expect at least maybe a heroic fight scene.The camera angles used are quite effective with the camera never panning out and showing the whole scene just one person at a time.

The camera usually blurs out the background, which annoyed me because I was already confused and couldn’t understand how this made the film looked good it was like watching a bad pirate copy DVD. Sound was used, apparently all I heard was people in the background occasionally with the actors talking and my only question is why? I want to here how the story is progressing, not hear background noise and normally complete silence.In my opinion this film was rubbish there was no good twists, action, camera angles or sound. To understand this film and what is going on you would need to be a genius because even Stephen Hawkings would struggle to understand.

I would recommend this to people who like the director and his films because once you see this you won’t want to see any more of his films. Don’t waste an hour and a half watching this instead go and rent a copy of the sixth sense his one and only great film.

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