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Discussion Board: Samaritan Ministries

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The paper addresses the policies of Samaritan Ministries a health care sharing ministry that handles the needs of its members in a different perspective than insurance. Every Samaritan member is assigned a monthly duty to share medical need to each household.

Samaritan Ministries works in a Christian way whereby a member with certain needs calls the office after which needs processing packet is send which marks the beginning of prayers. This is a more like Christian way of providing medical provision different from the normal way of insurance policies.

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Discussion Board: Samaritan Ministries
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The health expenses of the member in need are addressed after filling a form which caters for all medical bills. Members send notes of encouragement and pray for the member (Samaritan Ministries, 2010).

The burden or need is fulfilled once financial gifts, confirmation of prayers and notes of encouragement are fulfilled. This represents the Biblical way of settling medical bills as it corresponds to matters of faith and prayer. The system by Samaritan Ministries as per my opinion may work properly due to certain factors.

A major consideration is the particular way of responding to needs which calls for prayers from fellow members.

Since it is a system operated o Christian values, fulfillment of individual needs is likely to be achieved more easily. Prayer has power and any person with strong Christian values is deemed to become a practicing member thus it leads to existence of a strong bond among the members. Corporation of members through provision of encouragement notes and financial gifts is an allowable policy in Christian teachings. This thus encourages members to support each other in time of need for purpose of empowering members to feel more encouraged.

It is a workable situation which does not necessarily require a Christian to meet numerous qualifications.

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Discussion Board: Samaritan Ministries. (2017, May 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/discussion-board-samaritan-ministries/

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