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This paper is about the documentary, The Arrivals and the paper will explore whether this documentary is different from other conspiracy theories and whether what is represented is true or exaggerated. The way The Arrivals is presented with all the actual facts about the conspiracy; it talks about the new world order with evident sources backing it up such as the Holy Quran, Torah and Bible, it draws people’s attention.


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The disclosure in the religions of the world has been explored in the documentary regarding the arrival of the Anti Christ. This documentary is a masterpiece produced by Noreaga and Achernahr which is based on a wakeup call. The main aim of the documentary is basically to identify and reveal the medium that has been systematically built by the world elite. Some disagree strongly with it while others consider this conspiracy a fact. There are strong arguments against it though it contains systematic depictions from the Holy Quran, the prophets’ Hadith, the Bible and the Torah regarding modernity with both Noreaga and Achenahr facts.

The theory has been taken from a book by Ahmed Thompson, “Dajjal”, the antichrist system, which illustrates everything shown in The Arrivals but the documentary depicts the theory in a more modern way with pictures and sources that back up every fact. In the documentary it is revealed that the “Dajjal” or the antichrist will appear on Earth as an individual, a system or a phenomenon which will train us with unusual ideas. The Arrivals also explores the revelations in the world religions regarding the arrivals of Imam Al-Mahdi and the second coming of the Christ (The Decomentary Films, 2010).

The series of The Arriavals has become one of the most popular series around the world and the internet because it shows the Islamic version of the Antichrist. The topics of entertainment industry mass mind controlling and star system have been a part of the series. The series have caused an uprising against it as it has revealed the secret people and secret societies, who are more aware of their own actions and the happenings. The Arrivals consist of 50 videos which makes it very hard to understand until and unless you watch it with an open mind.If you watch it from the beginning till the end, the message ir the wakeup call that is being potrayed will be understood by the viewer.

Too Much Critical Observation?

The documentary call upon each and every activity related to the arrival of the Dajjal or the Antichrist. The documentary captures all the activities in which Dajjal is depicted or signs of Illuminati are present. Illuminati have been identified as the thirteen families who are believed to have initiated the conspiracy. They have the purest bloodline till date and they are the leaders of the Freemasonry. These families not only worship the Antichrist, but also are preparing the world for the arrival of Dajjal. This bloodline has been pure since thousands of years and many of the American presidents, like George Washington, Bush, Obama and Kennedy, have also been blamed to be the descendants of these families who control the world (York, 1993).

These secret people, activities and objects are attributed to the existence of secret societies in the world which are working for the arrival of the Antichrist. Some people argue that the observation in the documentary has been too much critical and some of the inevitable inventions and changes in the world are also attributed to the control of Illuminati. In the documentary, everything is seen with the point of view of the arrival of Dajjal even the food we are eating, the soft drinks we are drinking, the things we are watching on television and the changes in the environment. If one watches these documentaries with a closed mind, he will not be able to understand the facts and will most probably make fun of the documentary or deny it internally if not in public. However, these revelations have been supported by facts and backed by the Holy Quran, the Hadith of prophets, the Bible and verses from Torah.

The New World Order

The Illuminati, who is controlling the people of the world, is revealed to the most powerful, the wealthiest, corporate elites and the top politicians who are busy in implementing the new world order. The goal of this elite group, also called the members of the Black Nobility, is to create a single government for the whole world so that everything is under their direct control and the descent of the Antichrist is easier for them. The new world order has been identified in the documentary as the organizations, institutions and the individuals who make up the interlocking spider web for the elite conspirators. All of this seems to be very foolish until the previous presidents and senators of the US are shown in The Arrivals making comments about the new world order (Adachi, 2009).

The phenomenon of the new world order has been proved moreover by revealing the concept of globalization and how every country, large institutions and organizations of the world are embracing globalization. All the people in the world are pushed towards a unified culture which includes having junk food, drinking carbonated drinks, wearing jeans, wearing a tie and moreover the people around the world are starting to look alike because of similar hairstyles and color of clothes. All these chain of events look like coincidences until the documentary makes an effort to prove these things and the intentions of globalization. The basic aim of globalization and promoting the term “global village” is to bring the people of the world closer together and fit them into a single culture. People living in one culture and influences have similar thinking and therefore are easier to control.

Hence these events and chain of activities are proved to be real, related to the Freemasonry and efforts of the secret societies to welcome the Dajjal (Ridley, 2002). The institutions such as IMF, the World Bank and the UN have been identified as the initiating of the phenomenon of unified culture. These institutions are owned by the Jews, who have been blamed to work for the arrival of the Dajjal, and therefore this is a fact that all countries over the world are being dictated by these institutions (Bessel, 2010).

Mass Mind Control

In the initial episodes of the Arrivals, mind control of the children since their early age has been attributed to the Illuminati and the people who are working for the uprising of the Dajjal. The minds of these children have been captured by the elite bloodline of Illuminati through the television, internet, magazines, drugs, alcohol and porn (Dice, 2009). This mind control is achieved through movies regarding aliens, extraterrestrial, wars, ghosts and invasions from the space. Music has also been identified in The Arrivals as an aid of controlling the minds of the children and the young generation. Demonized messages are sent through music and movies to the minds of the children and youngsters. The bands such as the Eagles and the musicians like Madonna, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga have also been identified as the puppets of the Illuminati aiding them in controlling the minds of the people today (Robison, 1798).

The children and the youngsters get impressed by the fashion, the acts and the dances of these stars. No one believes this in the documentary until the proof is presented which is that the whole music industry is owned and controlled by a group of some powerful and wealthy men and these men are blamed to be a part of the Illuminati genetics and Freemasonry. The facts presented in the documentary and the verses from the Holy Quran earn the trust of a viewer and force him to believe in what the video is interpreting. Most of the information is factual; it is just a matter of interpretation. The series of The Arrivals also present the fact that most of the media is owned and controlled by the Jews and these people are believed to be very wealthy and powerful. The journalism industry is owned and controlled by Reuters and AP (Associated Press) which gives them the power and control of alterations to news. The production houses of Hollywood like the Universal Studios, Disney and Pixar are owned by Jews and they are believed to be having the genes of the true bloodline.

Survey Results

The results from the survey about the popularity of The Arrivals series reveal that most of the respondents have heard about the series from their near relatives or some friends and all of the respondents have watched the whole series or a major part of it. However, some of the respondents also reported to have heard about the series from directly. Most of the respondents believe that the series is a very well thought and systematic depiction of modernity which has been supported and backed by solid backbone of facts such as the Hadith and Sunnah. Many believe that The Arrivals is an excellent audiovisual depiction of the conspiracy which is first of its kind as it deals with real theories. According to one of the respondents, Ana, the series well explains the theories that were earlier depicted by Ahmed Thompson in his definitive book on the subject have the title “Dajjal”.

Ana has also been confident enough to tell us that she believes the series is greatly exaggerated but it deals with the subject that needs exaggeration without which the viewers will not understand and believe the notion. The respondent also believes that the message is not distorted. The respondent Ana has been deeply influenced by the series and she also agrees to it. This can be observed as she blames the recent financial crisis in the world to the upper echelon families which control and regulate over lives according to The Arrivals. Another respondent, Rozie, seems to have become a strong believer in the series after watching it. However, she believes that not everything around us is placed with despicable intentions, but not the whole documentary seemed to her like exaggerated.

The survey also revealed that the Muslims can easily believe in the series as most of the documentary is based on the Islamic views about after life and the coming of Dajjal. However, the non-Muslims have strong structured arguments against most of the facts presented in the documentary as they do not believe in the Quran and Hadith. Most of the respondentsI have never watched conspiracy related documentary about Islam, but when they first watched this series they were lured into completing it. The viewers find The Arrivals very fascinating as theory is backed up by strong facts.


The documentary has been proved to draw the attention of the people as most of the survey respondents have watched the series in part if not the whole of it. The producers of the documentary have been successful in presenting the actual facts about the conspiracy and making The Arrivals distinct from other conspiracy theories. However, the representation in the documentary is thought of as exaggerated to some extent but all of the people who watch it believe in the conspiracy. The documentary is found to be exaggerated as some points are too biased and the other side of the story has not been told. After watching and believing the documentary, a person starts to feel guilty that he is part of a system which has been setup by the Illuminati to greet the Dajjal or the Antichrist.

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