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Unexpected Arrivals

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    All over the world there have been unexplained happenings that many believe to be other types of life forms. Do you believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs)? People all over the world think about if other forms of life exist and there are plenty of files to support extraterrestrial activities that occur throughout the world. The government has hidden many documents containing these unexpected arrivals, such as Area 51, and many files were missing pieces of information within them. Interviews, reports, photos, and government evidence have been recovered to conclude the existence of UFOs.

    Between 30 and 50 percent of Americans are convinced that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are alien spacecrafts. (Williams) Many people who see these flying objects are interviewed or their experience is reported. These objects are very high-tech and unique shapes, such as spheres, triangles, and many are said to be moving at ridiculous speeds. Also, many of these objects were caught on camera but many believe that those images are fake or man-made. Some of these pictures were taken and many did not see the spacecraft until they developed their pictures.

    Many people are strongly convinced that unique unidentified flying objects that they see are UFOs. Area 51 was a military base located in Nevada that was top secret and though that UFOs were stored in these facilities. June or July of 1947, a flying disc crashed in New Mexico and hairless, earless, four-fingered E. T. s dead bodies were found where helicopters flew the bodies back to the super secret Area 51. (Leonard 23) The event was covered up except for the various cable channels, magazines, and books that wrote on the topic.

    Later on the government held a televised conference explaining that it was a weather experiment which included crash dummies and weather balloons. (Leonard 23) Area 51 had no comment on the conference and seemed to avoid any questioning. Area 51 also managed space satellites and cut off any photo imagery taken of the restricted grounds. This military air pad was very suspicious among the many secretive events that occurred within the facility and many truths regarding UFOs were destroyed or kept secret. An interview took place on the topic of Area 51.

    Still people do not know the significance of Area 51 and its means are varied. Dr. Frank Stranges is a true believer and was interviewed and asked some questions about Area 51. Dr. Stranges was a pilot and understands the aerodynamics that an aircraft can maneuver. He has seen an unusual aircraft flying on the grounds of Area 51 and explains his experience. He has seen footage of an aircraft that was making impossible movements such as sharp 90 degree angles that violated every law of aerodynamics. (Stranges)

    Also, he explained how the aircraft would sit in mid air and could move up, down, left, or right at a fast pace. Stranges) When something of this sort is discovered it should be investigated but every time questions were asked, the government would tell them to stop asking questions because this place does not even exist. (Stranges) The government again was trying to hide experiments with UFOs or technology that could not be explained with the human eye. These findings have stirred up the suspicion of Area 51 and the unexplained events that occur in this restricted government area. Not only have these events occurred in the United States, but all over the world UFOs have been reported.

    In London, an airliner was almost hit by a large brown object or aircraft. Along with this incident, more than 200 UFO reports were filed that day over the British Isles. (UFOs over Britain? 108. 8) Nobody really knows what this object in the sky was but the pilots who seen this object believe it is some sort of UFO. These events are not just occurring in the U. S. and they are not just being covered up by Americans. Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are one of the most controversial topics on a lot of people’s minds if brought up into a discussion.

    If the question was to be brought up; Do you believe in UFOs? Not many people would be able to give a clear answer. If someone was to say no, then the opposing argument would be addressed. What about all the research, facts, and mysterious cover-ups regarding UFOs? If a person said yes, then the opposing argument would be to prove it. There is no right answer but only controversy about the subject. The fact of the matter is that there is enough evidence and mysterious events that occurred to make a person believe that there might be more life out there then just us earthlings.

    Are UFOs dangerous and can their technology over power the earth? Many reports on unidentified flying objects resulted in the spacecraft to take off at very high speeds and vanish into the sky. So does this mean that the UFOs are scared of us earthlings? This may be the case when a fighter pilot was ordered to fire at an object that lit up his radar. Also, another airman was in the sky and also detected an object on radar. An American fighter pilot stationed in England was ordered to fire at this unique object but at the last second sped off and was no longer detectable on radar. New York Times 158. 54470) The UFO had no intentions of firing back or even attempting to attack the fighter pilot so it seems by its reaction. The pilot explained, “This was a flying object with very unusual flight patterns. ” It was very obvious that the aircraft had better technology and could have easily had better attacking methods but did not act. This does not mean that every UFO would be as friendly or unaggressive as this one but no reports of attacks have been filed. UFOs being a threat to society does not seem to be an issue but one will never know their actual intentions.

    UFOs are reported all over and many people believe that way they see is real and not just some sort of hallucination. Most of the time people who try to get involved with these reports to find answers are shut down by the government and are forced to never talk about it again or be penalized. Why would the government want to hide such an interesting matter? The government is mainly focused on the safety of the people and they do not want such a discovery like UFOs to cause havoc. Also, the government does not want the people to feel unsafe about these unusual happenings.

    UFOs are not the only thing the government hides. There are plenty of conspiracies and unusual things that the government does not want the public to find out and they keep many things secretive for various reasons. There has been hundreds upon hundreds of reports regarding UFOs. This does not mean they exist but research and evidence shows that unusually aircrafts have been spotted. Places like Area 51 have hidden many experiments and unexplainable events that have occurred here on earth. Are people lying about these aircrafts to find attention or to create excitement in their lives?

    We will never know. But what we do know is that there are things and unexplained events that have happened on earth. There are endless planets and information in space that researchers have not even came close to exploring. Earthlings should not be selfish on the topic of multiple life forms. We never know what is out there and with help from the government and other agencies we may never find out. Do you believe in UFOs?

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