Does a Cell Phone Conversation Affect Reaction Time?

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Have you ever wondered how much a cell phone can affect your reaction time in everyday activities? Even when you are not on it, but it is nearby? The cerebellum is under the cerebrum in the brain, and it controls symmetry, motion, and organization. Using a cell phone can change your reaction time, which is the speed in which someone reacts to something. Reaction speed is controlled by the cerebellum, and becomes negatively impacted when a cell phone is being used, or is nearby. There are many examples of how cell phones can negatively affect certain activities.

Driving is the main representation of cell phone use impacting human safety. Now that cell phones are being used by people around the world every day, people do not understand the distraction the little devices can cause. Researchers have discovered that in the event of distracted driving, what a driver is doing with their hands or eyes is not even the main cause. They say that what the drivers’ mind is focusing on is the main cause of the wrecks.

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In order to drive correctly, a driver has to have their eyes, mind, and hands focused on driving. If that is not happening, then driving becomes weakened. It is estimated that using a cell phone while driving causes a person’s accident rate to go up times 163. Most deaths are not even caused by hands on calling or texting, but by a system called bluetooth that provides calling or texting in your car screen, rather than your phone.

Although the driver is not using their hands to make the call or text, their attention is on it. If all drivers had their full attention on the road, there would definitely be less wrecks. The more advances there are in cars that are ¨hands free¨ related, the more people will think that they can call or text on the road. Using a cell phone, or even having it nearby, will cause a human’s reaction speed to go down. Reaction speed is how fast a living thing can react to something.

Reaction speed can either occur by sight or sound. If the reaction is by a sight, then tiny nerves in the eyes will send a signal to the brain, through the nervous system. The nervous system is a channel that sends signals from the brain to various parts of the body. The main parts that control how the nervous system works are called neurons, which each have specific occupations. If there is a reaction from a sound, then nerves in the ear will send a signal to the brain.

The brain will then send a signal to the muscles telling them how to react. It has been estimated that reaction speed from a sound is the fastest out of all senses. It is the fastest sense, because it is estimated that the sound waves will get to the brain in .05 seconds through the ear. There are many things that affect reaction time like age, gender, distractions, etc. The cerebellum is at the rear section of the brain. It is the part of the brain that controls how fast an organism reacts to something (reaction time). The cells send nerves to the cerebellum.

After the nerves go to the cerebellum, the cerebellum receives them. The cerebellum then sends those signals to the muscles. Those signals, tell the muscles what to do or how to react. The cerebellum is the section of the brain accountable for symmetry, motion, and coordination. It is also a much smaller variant of the cerebrum. Researching on how a cell phone conversation can affect a human’s reaction time was very important.

The ways it was important, was that it showed how much a cell phone can affect human’s daily life and it showed the dangers of foresay, using it while driving. By the end of the research it was figured, that reaction time does indeed go down while using a cellular device. Many people need to understand the dangers of using a cell phone while doing everyday activities. Being on a cell phone not only affects a person’s reaction time, but it affects the attention span on a activity, like driving or taking a quiz.

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