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Dubstep and Classical Musics

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Music is an ever changing and evolving source that will never cease to exist.Today I want to compare two music groups that are similar in many ways that people don't see. Dubstep and classical music are completely different in their own ways that we hear.If you listen closely to the two though, you can hear many similarities in the music without knowing it. When many people hear dubstep they say they hear a random assortments that include lots of bass added random into the electronic beats in the sound of the music.

When people listen to classical music they say they hear the sympathy of the whole band within the piece of art. You can listen to them both closely though and can hear the similarities. A famous composer of the electronic based sound of dubstep is named "Skrillex", and let's compares him with the famous composer "Beethoven". I chose to relate these two because of the similarities between their music they write.

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Dubstep and Classical Musics
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When you listen to each piece of music, lyrics are not a big thing between the two.The reason behind Beethoven not having lyrics into his music is because at that time, music was not popular for having lyrics. The music was all about the composer himself.Skrillex has some lyrics in his music, but not much. Leaving his old band to expand out, he wanted to have credit for his own band and created new types of electronic music that are becoming popular today. By doing this he has reduced the amount of lyrics in his songs so you can concentrate on the pieces he has created.When you listen to the two writers you hear mostly Beethoven's piano in which he played live at shows that lasted for hours at a time. Listing to Skrillex you may not hear the same because it is based off electronic techno sounds that he plays are huge concerts events for a few hours as well. Taking his music from the electronic sound though, and place them on a piano instead, you will hear a classi…

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