Rap/Hip Hop VS. Classical Musics

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Both Rap/Hip Hop and classical music exhibit distinct differences in sound and musical attributes. Furthermore, their respective listeners and audience also distinctly vary across these two music genres.

In society, classical music and rap music are perceived differently. Moreover, the producers and composers of these genres also present themselves in distinct ways. While most Rap/Hip-Hop artists write their own lyrics, resulting in songs that are unapologetic, direct, and personal; rap music mainly employs electronic instruments and computer-generated sounds, such as programmed rhythm and syncopated chant-like beats and rhymes. This genre has its roots in ancient African culture and oral tradition, placing emphasis on expression. Unlike classical music, which prioritizes harmony and melody, rap/hip-hop songs often contain phrases and slang that can be difficult to decipher, leading to misunderstandings. Unfortunately, many individuals find rap music annoying, violent, vulgar, and inappropriate- contributing to a negative perception.

Both rap music and classical music have a rich history and are associated with notable artists. Rap, predominantly created by African Americans, features popular figures like Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Kim, Master P, Nelly, Chingy, and Snoop Dogg. In contrast, classical music is often regarded as having a more sophisticated sound and is known for its less complex texture and homophonic nature. It emphasizes beauty, elegance, and balance. Classical music serves as a means of relaxation for many individuals who incorporate it into their daily routines or before going to bed. The audience utilizes classical music as a tool to achieve relaxation purposes. Similar to rap’s reliance on instrumental playing skills, highly talented composers in the classical genre write their own music and lyrics. Notable composers in this genre include Bach, Beethoven,and Mozart.

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