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Dude You’Re a Fag Essays

This research by C. J. Pascoe was about the use of the word fag and its relationship to homophobia and masculinity in a high school. The term fag is used loosely throughout most high schools. The reading explains that it is used in many ways. For example, fag can be used to describe a male who is doing something that is not masculine or that is feminine. In my words the article was explaining the how the word fag is used and the different meaning it may have depending on the context and even the race of who is using the word. For example race was a key term used in this research.

White males use the word fag on a regular basis, whereas it is less common with the African American males. Not only is it used less, the word will be used for different reasons between the races. For example, the white males will call someone a fag for caring about the clothes they are wearing, whereas it is normal for an African American to care about the clothing they are wear and they would not get the same treatment as a white male. Race is not the only factor in the use of this word, there is also gender which I think is the most important factor. Females rarely use the word fag to describe someone.

Also males rarely if ever use fag to describe a female. Gender plays a big role in how this word is used. It seems that males use this word only when describing a male. So this is controversial when we call males that use the word fag a homophobic. Also this word creates gender inequalities. Using the word fag as a sense of not being masculine create inequalities between males that perform act that are not masculine in societies eyes and those that are masculine. A masculine male is treated better and gets more respect than that of a male who is perceived as not masculine.

I agree with the article in the sense that the use of the word fag does not directly relate to homophobia but more as a sense of gender. Fag can’t be a sense of homophobia if it does not match the meaning. I personally use the word all the time but I do not consider myself homophobic in any sense. Fag can be used in a homophobic way But I believe that it is used more so to describe a person’s gender or masculinity. Questions: 1. How does race effect the perception of masculinity? 2. The use of the word fag may not always have sexual meaning but what kind of meaning? 3. How do you relate to the use of the word in your life?

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