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Homophobia: a Definition



Words: 3961 (16 pages)

Even well-educated people seem not to know what the word “homophobia” actually means outside the political arena where the word is said to be nothing but an empty political charge. I’m sure that the charge of homophobia is sometimes made purely as a political tactic. But that fact should not make us blind to the…

How America should react to homosexuals



Words: 819 (4 pages)

How America should react to homosexuals Many experts agree that homosexuality has existed as long as human beings themselves, although the attitude towards them has undergone dramatic changes in some countries. Accepted by many societies during Greek and Roman era, most of the time homosexuals were considered to be sinners against nature and even criminals….

Mayday Against Gays In The Military



Sexual orientation

Words: 1318 (6 pages)

Ever since President-elect Bill Clinton promised to stop the military s prohibition of acknowledging homosexuals and tribades into the armed services the inquiry whether or non it should be banned became a really hot and controversial issue. Despite the decision by the Pentagon that homosexualism is incompatible with military service, the celebrated Don T ask,…

Identity and Oppression: Issues and Struggles



Words: 1312 (6 pages)

Introduction              Social groups can be categorized by means of race, ethnicity or nationality, sexuality and gender preferences. These are recognized and known by the public to have a significant impact on individual lives on different levels. The status of these categories has been dramatically changing. It faces real and serious issues that posed threat…

Intersectionality in Audre Lorde’s Work


Human Sexuality



Words: 816 (4 pages)

People of color homosexuals, and poor people are viewed through the lenses of old racist, sexist, and classist prejudices. However, we — the young men and women of today — can transition to a new outlook that is all inclusive, welcoming and constructive through intersectionality. We hold the power to alter what is and is…

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