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E & # 8211 ; Commerce: An Introduction

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With the amazing growing of the Internet, many companies are happening new and exciting ways to spread out upon their concern chances. There are really few successful companies that do non utilize computing machines in their mundane concern activities, which besides means there are few companies that do non utilize e-commerce. To stress the point that the consequence of the Internet is so widespread in today & # 8217 ; s concern communities, one online article stated that & # 8220 ; more than 100,000 companies have Internet references, and 20,000 companies have home pages on the Internet as of February 1999. & # 8221 ; 1 These Numberss have more than tripled since 1995, and the tendency shows no marks of decelerating. But what precisely is e-commerce? To most insouciant Internet surfboarders, e-commerce means online shopping. As we will shortly happen out, this is far from the instance.

Simply put, e-commerce is the exchange of concern information between two or more organisations. An illustration of this would be purchasing and selling merchandises or services over the Internet. E-commerce became really popular shortly after it proved to be an efficient agencies to carry on long distance minutess. The intent of this study is to discourse some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, every bit good as analyzing its potency for the hereafter of concern.

Electronic commercialism, or e-commerce has developed really quickly in the last few old ages and has left some people inquiring what it is all about. & # 8220 ; Most people think e-commerce is merely about purchasing and selling things over the Internet. & # 8221 ; 2 E-commerce is a wide term depicting the electronic exchange of concern informations between two or more organisations & # 8217 ; computing machines. Some illustrations might be the electronic filing of your income revenue enhancement return, online services like Prodigy and AOL, and online charge for services or merchandises received. E-commerce besides includes purchasing and selling any point over the Internet, electronic fund transportation, smart cards, and all other methods of carry oning concern over digital webs. & # 8220 ; The primary technological end of e-commerce is to incorporate concerns, authorities bureaus, and contractors into a individual community with the ability to pass on with one another across any computing machine platform. & # 8221 ; 3

History of E & # 8211 ; Commerce

Electronic commercialism was built on a foundation that was started more than 125 old ages ago with Western Union & # 8217 ; s money transportation as an illustration of telegraph engineering. In the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s the coming of recognition cards as a payment system revolutionized the procedure of automated commercialism maps. In the mid 1980 & # 8217 ; s the debut of the ATM card was the latest betterment to electronic commercialism. The Internet was conceived in 1969 when the Department of Defense began funding the research of computing machine networking. The Internet, as a agency for commercialism, did non become world until the 1990 & # 8217 ; s. Before this clip, it was chiefly a tool for the ground forces, and a research device for some American universities. Its popularity grew when it proved to go a fast and efficient agencies to carry on long distance minutess, every bit good as an effectual manner to administer information.

Economic Impact

Clearly, e-commerce will alter the face of concern forever. Companies that are 1000s of stat mis off can finish concern minutess in a affair of seconds every bit good as exchange information. As one online article explained: & # 8220 ; Dell Computers sells more the $ 14 million worth of computing machine equipment a twenty-four hours from its web site. By taking their client service section to the Web Federal Express began salvaging $ 10,000 a twenty-four hours. The Internet provides concerns with the chance to sell their merchandises to 1000000s of people, 24 hours a day. & # 8221 ; 4 In 1998, the Internet generated gross bing about 74 billion dollars and experts predict that it will mount to every bit much as 1,234 billion dollars by the twelvemonth 2002. Anyone can see that e-commerce is the moving ridge of the hereafter. & # 8220 ; Without a uncertainty, the Internet is showing in an epoch of brushing alteration that will go forth no concern or industry untasted. In merely three old ages, the Internet has gone from a resort area for swots into a huge communications and trading centre where some 90 million people swap information or do trades around the universe. Imagine: It took wireless more than 30 old ages to make 60 million people, and telecasting 15 old ages. Never has a engineering caught fire so fast. & # 8221 ; 5

Advantages of E & # 8211 ; Commerce


The figure one advantage that e-commerce possesses is velocity. The Internet and the World Wide Web gives concerns chances to interchange messages or complete minutess about outright. Even with the slowest connexions, making concern electronically is much faster than traditional manners. With increased velocities of communicating, the bringing clip is expedited and that makes the whole dealing from start to complete more efficient. Besides practically any merchandise can be found for sale on the Internet. As one writer put it, & # 8220 ; from books and compact discs ( from ) to Gallic staff of life ( from ) . & # 8221 ; 6 Even more important is the fact that information looking on the Internet can be changed highly quickly. This gives concern proprietors the ability to inform clients of any alterations to the service that they are offering. This besides allows for them to update selling and promotional stuffs as frequently and every bit often as they would wish.


The 2nd advantage of electronic commercialism is the chance it offers to salvage on costs. By utilizing the Internet, selling, distribution, forces, phone, postage and printing costs, among many others, can be reduced. Firms can get down making concern in internet for every bit small as $ 100. Most concerns will pass more than this but compared to the cost of opening a physical shop, the nest eggs are enormous. These financess can so be diverted to selling and advertisement of their merchandise or service.

International Distribution

Cyberspace knows no national boundaries. That means concern can be done all over the universe every bit easy as it can be done in the vicinity. Since the Internet connects everyone in internet, information is transmitted at the velocity of sound or the velocity of visible radiation, depending on your connexion. Either manner, distance becomes meaningless, which makes it possible to associate to anyone on the Earth. The ability to supply these links makes making concern on the Internet attractive to clients in any portion of the universe.

Customer Service

Using the Web to supply client support is an first-class manner to assist construct the dependability and effectivity of the house & # 8217 ; s merchandise or service. The ability to supply online replies to jobs through electronic mail or supply an archive subdivision of often asked inquiries physiques client assurance and keeping. The Internet tends to be a more personal environment. Peoples expect to acquire a existent individual when they send mail. This

can work to the advantage of a little start-up company, or to a big corporation. No affair what concern you they involved in, an online aid characteristic is an extraordinary advantage to hold.

Disadvantages of E & # 8211 ; Commerce

Privacy and Security

A possible beginning of problem is client concerns with privateness and security. Anything sent over the Internet is sent through several different computing machines before it reaches its finish. The concern sing Internet security and privateness is that hackers can capture recognition card or look intoing history informations as it is transferred or interrupt into computing machines that hold the same information. Security on the Internet is much similar security for a place. There is a point when the attempt outweighs the advantages. As with a place the proprietor will normally halt adding security characteristics when they feel safe. Making a client feel safe is what is of import in making concern on the Internet. & # 8220 ; Even though no 1 can vouch 100 % security of reassigning fiscal information over the Internet, e-commerce is still safer than utilizing recognition cards at an existent shop or eating house, or paying for something with the usage of a 1-800 number. & # 8221 ; 7 Besides, every clip a recognition card reception is thrown off, it could do the client more vulnerable to fraud. But how do consumers cognize this for certain? What safeguards do e-commerce web sites take to avoid such jobs? This reply is simple: encoding.

Ever since the 2.0 versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, minutess can be encrypted utilizing Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) , an Internet device that creates a unafraid connexion to the waiter, protecting the information as it travels over the Internet. SSL uses public cardinal encoding, one of the strongest encoding methods about. A manner to state that a web site is secured by SSL is when the URL begins with https alternatively of hypertext transfer protocol. Browser shapers and recognition card companies are besides advancing an extra security criterion called Secure Electronic Transactions ( SET ) . SET encodes the recognition card Numberss that sit on sellers & # 8217 ; waiters so that lone Bankss and recognition card companies can read the Numberss. & # 8220 ; Obviously no e-commerce system can vouch 100 per centum protection for their recognition card, but they are less likely to acquire their pocket picked online than in a existent store. & # 8221 ; 8

Willingness to Pay

E-commerce is based on the premise that the participants will pay for what they buy. There has been a celebrated reluctance among Internet users to really pay, peculiarly for the digital goods and services. As a consequence, much of the current concern on the Internet is funded utilizing advertisement and sponsorship. If a company is selling something, so they need to happen a manner to accept payment that is non merely convenient for them, but most significantly, convenient for the clients.

Technical Challenges

Puting up a simple web site can be really cheap, but if a house is diffident of how to travel about making one, a simple web site may non be so simple. And if they don & # 8217 ; t know what they are making, their site will decidedly non be effectual. & # 8220 ; A functional web site with online telling requires expertness in four different countries. If a concern proprietor does non hold HTML, CGI scripting, ODBC, and particular plans for online glade options experience, they may desire to see outsourcing. Outsourcing is the usage of a 3rd party service company instead than acquiring overwhelmed with the proficient challenges. & # 8221 ; 9

Organizational Committedness

Finally, a possible disadvantage to e-commerce is non holding a strong organisational committedness. A functional web site that is traveling to be successful will shortly necessitate extra resources in engineering and accomplishments. E-commerce is germinating at a really rapid rate and the concern proprietor must be willing to germinate with it. Newer and more advanced engineering will be more, but should be supplemented by extra grosss. Besides, the company must be willing to alter the full concern or get down a new one when they can see the demand for alteration. & # 8220 ; Yahoo started as a commercial operation in 1995, with a simple, if tremendous, list of web sites to assist people voyage the Web. But like the Web itself, Yahoo is altering fast. The one time astonishing ability to seek the full World Wide Web became outdated in a Net blink of an eye, so Yahoo, at the stamp age of two old ages, began reinventing itself as a topographic point to merchandise stocks, make travel reserves, and behavior commerce. & # 8221 ; 10

The Future of E & # 8211 ; Commerce

Rest assured the hereafter of e-commerce is integral and of all time altering. & # 8220 ; Like electricity, antibiotics, or the auto, the Internet is a radical technology. & # 8221 ; 11 It is rather apparent that e-commerce is merely deriving velocity. As one article stated, & # 8220 ; The growing of e-commerce won & # 8217 ; t decrease, it will go such a permeant influence on how a company works that all maps within an organisation will hold a interest in their e-commerce strategy. & # 8221 ; 12 With Internet traffic duplicating every 100 yearss the digital economic system is alive and turning. The immense growing of practical communities is doing displacements in economic power from big corporations to smaller concerns. & # 8220 ; Virtual communities erode the selling and gross revenues advantages of big companies. A little company with a better merchandise and better client service can utilize these communities to dispute larger rivals, something it likely could non make in the existent world. & # 8221 ; 13 With many of the technological progresss in the banking, online trading and retail industries, e-commerce will shortly go the foundation of life as wireless, telephone, and telecasting have in the yesteryear.

Technology has a topographic point in everyone & # 8217 ; s daily activities and shortly e-commerce will be a major factor in the determinations we have to do. Remember, e-commerce is more complex than merely purchasing that particular person & # 8217 ; s birthday present. E-commerce, along with the Internet, is an mercantile establishment for concern. It is a manner for the new cat to vie with the proved giants in the industry. An illustration of this would be the launch of Wal-Mart & # 8217 ; s new web site intended to vie with the industry monster & # 8220 ; Their new concern venture allows Wal-Mart to travel outside its usual corporate domain for Web-savvy endowment geared for commercialism, such as applied scientists, coders and sellers. It besides provides them with the necessary Web-wampum: such as options, warrants and portions that & # 8217 ; s indispensable to pulling top talent. & # 8221 ; 14

Simply put, the Internet and the usage of e-commerce provides many chances for even the smallest of concerns to vie with big corporations, in kernel leveling the playing field. With the steady growing of the Internet, and the fact that every twelvemonth more and more households are stop uping in and surfing the web, can a company survive without the usage of the Internet and e-commerce? Probably, but non for long. The Internet and e-commerce are here to remain, so concerns can either alteration with the times or acquire left buttocks. The pick is theirs to do.

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