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As a teaching assistant, it’s important to know and understand the different roles of adults in the school and when to refer them to further sources of information, advice, or support. If approached by an adult who expresses concern, it’s important to listen to them in a suitable environment and provide relevant advice on how to access further support. If you feel out of your depth, it’s best to refer them to someone who can provide the necessary support. In your school, there are various sources of information available for parents and community resources, which can be helpful to refer to when necessary. Ultimately, it’s important to be aware of your own limitations and the roles and resources available to provide the best support for those seeking help.

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Explain when and how to refer other adults to further sources of information, advice or support As a teaching assistant, I need to know and understand the different roles in my school. Within my setting, this includes: other teaching assistants, class teachers, head teacher, deputy head teacher, special educational needs coordinator, admin staff, caretaker, dinner staff, parent helpers and other students on placement. It is important that I understand when and how to refer other adults to further sources of information.

To do this effectively, need to be aware of others roles within my school and within my settings community and be aware of my own limitations. If am approached by an adult who is worried about anything I should appreciate that it may have taken some time for that person to feel able to approach me and take their concerns seriously, I should make time to listen to their concerns in an appropriate environment i. e. not in a busy school corridor. If I am unable to support the person myself, I should give relevant advice on how to access urther support from the relevant people.

I should refer other adults when I feel out of my depth. If they come to me in confidence, I must advice them that may have to refer them to others. My initial source of information is generally my class teacher, she is responsible for me whilst in my setting so if was approached by a concerned parent, I would refer them to my class teacher, if their concerns were about my class teacher then would approach my deputy head who is very accessible and would make the time to speak ith the parents and sort the situation out.

Likewise if a colleague had a concern regarding my class teacher. Within my schools environment there are various sources of information designed for parents, such as information on stopping smoking, the local library and other community resources such as the local parents and toddler group. As well as information on up and coming school events to which I recently referred a parent who wanted further information on sports day.

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