Heineken Sources of Brand Equity

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The sources of brand equity for Heineken come from various aspects such as TV commercials, sponsorship, events, brand name, logo, package, and slogan. The TV commercials usually feature male characters, emphasizing the masculine nature of the beer and its association with manhood. Sponsorship of soccer events and title sponsorships of events like 50 Years Champions League Best Player Election also associate the beer with manhood. Events like the Heineken Angels Summer promotion and Heineken Angels Party are held in bars and target men, offering fun activities for people and promoting the association with enjoying life. The brand name Heineken is easily adaptable and has a long history, while the green color of the bottle and the logos communicate premium quality, modernity, and vitality. The slogan It could only be Heineken communicates the beer’s premium taste and is easy to understand and remember. The website URL is also easy to memorize, using only the brand name and Hong Kong.

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The sources of brand equity come from TV commercials, sponsorship, events, promotion, logo, package and the slogan. Details of each are as follow: TV Commercials: The Main characters in the commercials are always male. This emphasizes the masculine nature of the beer and infers that the beer is for man. Another special point is that quite a number of them are about relationship encounters (e. g. in bars, supermarkets etc), this communicates the joy of life. Furthermore, some versions of the commercial focus on describing the Smart and success of male (e. . The James Bond version). This no doubts want to associate the beer with success and winning Spirit Sponsorship: Heineken is the title sponsor of “50 Years Champions League Best Player Election” in HK, which organized by “CHAMPIONS” the official publication for the Champions League. As Soccer is regard as a sport for man, it associates the beer with man. Events: Heineken has held several events. Most of them obviously targeted man such as the Heineken Angels Summer promotion and Heineken Angels Party .

These events are normally held in bars and what it does is to invite some girls to play game with the audience. The objective of these events is providing fun activities for people. The association is enjoy life. Brand name: The name of Heineken come from its founder’s name – Heineken. This can communicate its long history as the founder is a man born in 1841. The brand name can be easily transferred and adaptable as it is not specific to a particular categories. Logo: For the Authenticity logo, it communicates and reinforces the brand’s brewing quality, heritage and authenticity.

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For the Star-Heineken logo, it has been specially developed to communicate and reinforce the modernity and vitality of the brand. These associate the beer with its Premium quality. Moreover, the ‘e’ in the logo looks friendly, which remind people to enjoy life. The logo has the corporate names in the middle with big font so it could be easily recognized Package: The bottle of Heineken is green in color. The color Green means Relax mentally, as well as physically; and Offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony.

This can associate with pursuing a relaxing lifestyle and enjoying life. Slogan: The slogan “It could only be Heineken. ” communicate that it is the only beer that could deliver the premium taste or quality of the beer. The slogan contains a clear message and is short and memorable. It is easy to understand its meaning and can be used in many occasions. URLs The URLs of Heineken is http://heinekenhongkong. com, which can be easily memorized as it is only the name of the brand + “hongkong”.

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