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Education Role in Today’s Society

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Education plays a crucial role in today’s society. Education is defined as, ‘the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at school or university’ (Oxford Dictionary), education plays a powerful role in composing a students future as a successful person in society. One with more knowledge will receive more opportunities to accelerate both their personal and professional life. We live in a world that is changing every day, where opportunities to explore are sprouting from every corner. Nelson Mandela stated that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ (Washington Post).

Nelson Mandella states that Education plays a vital role in eliminating inequality, reducing poverty, and creating a more sustainable planet. Therefore, education is vital in today’s society as it increases job opportunities and improves general health and happiness.

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Education Role in Today’s Society
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Firstly, education plays a vital role in society as it opens the door for job opportunities and enhances necessary job skills. As mentioned before, today’s world is flourishing with so many new jobs and opportunities for individuals to explore.

There is a direct relationship between a lack of education and unemployment. Statistics prove that individuals who only received a high school education have an unemployment rate of about eight percent, while the unemployment rate decreases to about four percent for individuals who go on to receive a college degree at minimum. Institutes indicate that employers require a college degree increasingly, and sixty percent of jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. If an individual doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree at minimum, their chance of finding a good job will be very slim, depending on the field they want to go into. Education also plays a vital role in jobs because, if one receives an exceptional education, their job skills will flourish. People with an education will automatically have better reading, writing, comprehension, and communication skills than those who do not receive an education. Most jobs require the skills for regular tasks like composing an email or writing a report. Communication is essential for any job, as you will be expected to have the ability to communicate with your boss and colleagues on a day to day basis. Those who are not fully educated often find themselves struggling to perform those basic life skills, as they are generally developed in, though not limited to, the school setting. Therefore, education plays a vital role, as it opens job opportunities and develops essential job skills.

Lastly, education enhances our lives every day- whether it be our health or happiness. The knowledge and skills that you gain from education improve one’s lifestyle and well-being because they build awareness of what we already know and what we can potentially do. In general, we live happier lives with the knowledge we gain throughout our academic years because in general, educated people tend to be more open minded, and are more likely to accept different points of view and opinions. In society, there are many differences that conflict with your opinions. If you are well educated you will learn how to deal with those objections, making you more involved with today’s community. Being part of a community can help with happiness and mental well-being as you have a wide range of people to talk to. Additionally, people who receive a higher education and receive higher incomes often do not have to go through health-harming stress while individuals with less education have less access to resources (eg. social support, self esteem, sense of control with life) hindering their well being. Also, those who receive a better education are more likely to learn healthy behaviours and habits. Individuals who are educated have a better sense of how to understand their health needs, follow instructions provided, help support their families and themselves, and communicate adequately with health care providers allowing them to strive as healthy individuals. Therefore, those who receive a higher education tend to lead fuller, healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.

In conclusion, it is proven that education plays a vital role in today’s society. Education helps enhance our understanding of the world today. It also plays a crucial role in shaping one’s future so they can thrive in today’s society. Individuals who have more knowledge will be thrown with more opportunities in today’s society on average. Therefore, education plays a crucial role in today’s society as it enhances job opportunities and skills for individuals, and improves the general well-being of an individual.

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