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Effect of human insensitivity on the society

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                                           Effect of human insensitivity on the society


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Effect of human insensitivity on the society
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            Human insensitivity relates to certain stimulus, where the strength of feelings that results from a particular stimulus is compared to the strength of the stimulus. When it comes to human insensitivity, both the physical and emotional feelings are considered. Insensitivity as a concept embraces various issues, and the people who fail to react to a situation or the emotions of the others can be viewed as being insensitive. Some instances which may make people to be seen as insensitive includes when they fail to appreciate or to react to the needs of a given customer, especially in the corporate world (Chapman et al, 2007).

The failure to react to certain situations is seen as insensitivity, which affects a society. In this paper, the effects of human insensitivity on the society will be discussed.


           Human insensitivity is closely related to human emotions and feelings. Human emotions are linked to a human state that can either be mental or psychological which relates to a wide variety of behavior, feelings, and thoughts.

Human emotions play a very important role in influencing the actions and the behavior of people in the society (Singer, 1993). In any society, the social interaction and human culture is affected by emotions, where the type of emotion that people display shapes the culture and the human interactions in the society. For instance, some events or experiences demand that people show happiness, sadness, or joy. When people are insensitive, they are unable to share with the others the emotions that result from the experiences. A society that promotes human sensitivity embraces positive social interactions and a culture where human emotions promote harmonious living (Freitas, 2007).

              Human insensitivity affects how people communicate in the society. Communication is a means through which messages and information are passed from one person to another. When people communicate through emotions, feelings, or speech, the appropriate message is passed (Wandberg, 2000).However, communication may be hindered when people become insensitive. For instance, when a person is given bad treatment, he or she feels angered and disappointed (Crossan et al, 2004).This may hinder proper communication. When a person is sad or devastated, the person may express their feelings by crying, which acts a means of communication to the others. This may trigger the others to communicate by consoling or encouraging the person. When human insensitivity prevents this, there is no doubt that the human nature of communicating through feelings and emotions is hindered.

               Human insensitivity affects the social ethics and moral responsibility of people in a society. A society that advocates for an ethical way of life promotes good life and the right conducts in the people (Becker et al, 2002). A person does well and becomes contented when he or she realizes his or her full potential, and acts in accordance with the nature. A person becomes a real person when he or she is able to do this. The completeness and contentment of the person encourages happiness. Sharing this happiness promotes an ethical society, where human values and virtues are upheld. The need to respect others and to live in harmony with them makes human beings to be sensitive. When people become insensitive, they fail to consider the feelings and the emotions of the others, which is likely to encourage them to adopt human behavior that may be unethical and morally wrong. This is because, they tend to detach themselves from the others when they become insensitive (Hartman, 2004).

             Human insensitivity affects the behaviour, the lifestyle, and the beliefs of a given society. In many societies, people are always encouraged to cultivate good morals and behavior in order to treat the others well and also to receive good treatment. This means that people need to respect and appreciate each other through their behavior and speech. Insensitivity affects negatively the behavior and communication of the people in the society. For instance, arrogance and rudeness when used against most individuals may trigger negative response from those who have been assaulted. When people are handled in a polite manner, they tend to feel appreciated. This cultivates positive behavior in the society. Human insensitivity promotes unethical behavior in people, and hence the society becomes affected.

          When people show insensitivity, a society gets an opportunity to encourage change and to learn from the experience. The society leaders can then encourage people to change in order to embrace sensitivity in their actions and behavioral .An interview between an editor Mr. Krishna Murthy, and the once Indian Election Commission Head, Mr.Srinivisan bring out the effects of human insensitivity on a society (Corporate ezine. Sunday December 2, 2007). Mr.Srivisian discourages arrogance and human insensitivity in the society, where he points out that it destroys the good image of a person, an organization, or a society (Argenti et al, 2002).Another interview with several people in my community was very essential in giving me a clear understanding of how human insensitivity can affect the society. Most individuals who were interviewed admitted that they would like to be treated in a polite and kind manner. Those who pointed out that they have been treated in an insensitive manner admit that they felt disappointed .For some, they responded by being impolite. This is no doubt a prove that human insensitivity can trigger negative behavior in the society. There is need for people to be polite and kind as a way of promoting human sensitivity. As human beings, we are all capable of taking part in great acts of evil or good. It is our sensitivity towards others that enable us to make a choice between the two. This can be understood from the film Sounds Like which is directed by Brad Anderson, with Chris Bauer starring as Larry Pierce (The Masters of Horror. Accessed on October 20, 2008).


         Human insensitivity is an issue of great concern in any given society, due to the negative effects it may have on the social well being. In most cases, human insensitivity affects the moral responsibility and ethics of the people negatively. In order to promote good human values, there is need for the people to embrace sensitivity in their behavior, actions, and speech (Verena, 2003). Good communication in the society is promoted by human sensitivity

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