How Social Media Has a Bad Effect on Society

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The rise of social media has made it an invaluable tool, but also opens the door to significant deception. Countless examples illustrate how both true and false information can spread rapidly, presenting challenges for the social media community.

Today, there are numerous users on different social media platforms in society. Each platform has its own distinct purpose that makes it the leader in its specific field. For instance, Facebook serves as a platform for reconnecting with loved ones and enables users to share vacation photos, update their current location, and freely express their emotions.

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Both Twitter and Reddit are well-liked social networking sites where users can share information and interact with others. Twitter distinguishes itself by limiting posts to 140 characters, enabling quick updates and news sharing. In contrast, Reddit permits users to submit diverse content such as articles, photos, and more on numerous subjects. These platforms serve as significant channels for disseminating information via social media. Users who actively engage on both platforms can conveniently cross-post between them.

Sharing information can be problematic as it tends to be changed and misplaced. For example, if a post about a tornado warning in Tuscaloosa is shared on Facebook, but on Twitter, the original message may have been edited to state that there is a definite tornado threat. This spreading of false information can have serious consequences for many people. If a university student sees this exaggerated information and decides to share it, chaos could erupt on campus because of an unsubstantiated nearby warning.

During times of disaster, like the Boston Marathon bombings or the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, individuals tend to trust any potentially harmful information they come across. Dismissing a potential danger is something nobody desires. Nonetheless, it is crucial to be cautious and confirm the credibility of sources before making conclusions or taking action based on such posts.

During times of disaster, some people have a natural inclination to seek attention, similar to those who falsely report bomb threats or cry “FIRE!” without reason. This can be extremely distressing, particularly for individuals in the vicinity of Mass Ave and Newberry, resulting in a state of chaos during a disaster.

One problem caused by social networks is the possibility of information being posted online and the potential for hackers to access other people’s accounts. The Associated Press, a highly reputable source on social networks, can be trusted. However, if someone manages to hack into their account and post information, it creates a major concern regarding the dissemination of information. Although social networks implement multiple security measures to prevent such incidents, there are still ways for certain individuals to circumvent these measures.

The consequences of this situation are unimaginable, encompassing military intervention and economic downturns. When the Associated Press initially released this report, various news organizations attempted to corroborate its assertions. This led to a media frenzy as they sought clarification regarding these allegations. Although it may appear ludicrous that explosions at the White House could harm the president, the credibility of the news source sharing such details made it challenging to disregard.

Photo evidence is a powerful tool for validating information. A social media post featured a photograph portraying Hurricane Sandy’s water surging against the Statue of Liberty. However, this image was fabricated. Nowadays, with the widespread availability of photo editing software like Photoshop, it has become increasingly challenging to discern real from manipulated images.

The photo posted created the illusion of a raging storm in New York city, despite the actual water levels not being perilously high. Deceptive images contribute to the dissemination of false information on social media. The utilization of Photoshop to alter photos presents a problem not only during emergencies but also in everyday scenarios. Although its initial purpose did not involve causing harm, it has become a prevalent issue within the social media community.

Spreading false and harmful information can cause issues, even for trusted news sources like Reuters. Hackers have affected them as well, spreading misinformation that has damaged the reputation of the American government both domestically and globally. The goal is to disprove this false information before it becomes widely believed. However, if the post is shared on Twitter and then spreads to other social media platforms, it will take just as much time for the debunking post to reach the original false post. The severity of the tweet’s content worsens the situation further.

Social networks are crucial in modern society for staying informed, but it is important to be cautious and verify information before blindly trusting it. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other platform, gathering sufficient evidence before sharing information is essential to prevent the harmful consequences of spreading false information.

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