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Effects of Communication Technologies

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Effects of Communication Technologies


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Effects of Communication Technologies
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Communication is a principle and an arm of human life (the living). Communication upholds inter-personal relationship, linking individual and organizational bond. Communication simply means the act of sharing. The application of technology in communication is an advancement over the olden day’s system of sign-language communication. The advent of communication technologies in the globe is not unconnected with the dynamic nature of the global environments. Prior to the advent of the modern internet, the importance and potential of communication networking was not obscure, but the scientific researches belittle the findings into proffering solutions to the problem of communication (Keith Kingston, 2008).

The application of modern communications technologies remains an unbeatable fact not just for a leading industry nevertheless of those institutions that require constant updating for a leveraging edge. The communication technology power has assisted in controlling surveillance, assessing and tracking unwanted access, and taming the employee to employer’s taste.

Despite the wide navigating areas of interest available, some developing countries still find the introduction of modern communication technology as a scrupulous attempt to steal away their culture at the expense of selfish interest of the introducer.

What a relish in the darkest world! The comparison gives a marked difference in the economic status rating of such countries that are lagging behind the calendar of time in updating the means of communication. This means, no doubt, provides the fastest, the easiest, safest in term of confidentiality, damage along the way and reduce the fear of information sent from getting stock along the way in a place where urgency is needed. The most importance of this modern age communication technologies is their dependency on one another for a true reflection and fulfillment of purpose and essence of use (McNamara, 2003).

The Impact of Significant Communications Technologies

The use of cell phone or handset is a significant necessity throughout the entire globe. It is of importance in the use to stay connected with the world behind the sight and automobile reach. Of course, family members must stay in touch, business must continue between the associate and client irrespective of physical absence on the field, far away from the stock, despite the fairly unavailability of emailing system in some places, communication is never impaired with the presence of cell phone (Keith, 2008). This later importance specifically increases the need for the use all around the world. Today’s modern phone has gone far beyond the use in ordinary verbal communication, data can be stored and assess easily, pictures can readily be taken without the usual carriage of separate camera all around, cell phone equally enhances instantaneous use of internet world wide web in relaying necessary documents and information to a receiver without phone but connected online through internet facilities.

As there arise technological advancement over the old cell phone, the increasing interest continually keeps challenging the manufacturer to provide goals specific, and even moving towards a customized finger printing – password products. This is in response to cases of theft recorded in some countries. Finger print-password phone would definitely limit the user to the first launcher, restricting subsequent attempt usage by unregistered personnel. The modern cell phone has a light compaction as against the old bulky, unaffordable and unavailability that rocks the first set of products. The use of satellites with wireless connections has greatly equally enhances the circulation of cell phone all round the world. The satellite provision fastens the connectivity stretch within countries. The presence of cell phone somehow confers a psychological sense of security even in a lonely world (Keith, 2008).

In a situation where emergency intervention is the only resort, only cell phone among other means of communication technologies has been able to prove a helpful use. Beyond the provision of rendering help in an emergency condition, G.P.S. features in some phone assist in wide usability in most places and also in locating the user in the case of loss or theft recovery. Amidst the sea of numerous wireless providers, highly competitive range of industries render services with high efficiency and customers’ friendly choices. The pricing is also leveled for the need of meeting the competitive sales count which boosts the industries’ image. The low pricing makes it achievable for the common man in the developing and underdeveloped countries.

The origin of internet is traced back to 1969 when United States created an ARPANET network for the sole use of Defense department I a bid to enhance communication owing to the invention of nuclear weapon. Internet facilities have summarily enclosed the world wide diverse entirety in language, culture, and values into a friendlier global village where interaction exists without interruption from barrier of distant. I could remember reading a published scenario of a personal assistant to one of the chief in African continent trying to read the citation of the kabiyesi without a copy. Express call was put forth to the secretary who was at about sixty kilometer away. The secretary retrieved the document and sent it to the venue where the assistant to the Chief was to read it before a next round of encomium and awarding of honorary plank. The cell phone did assist in verbal communication while the internet facility helped save the embarrassment and relay the needed citation of the royal Chief expressly. Research for information and scholarly works is now made a lot easier. Best representation of movies, entertainment (jokes, games) and songs can be swiftly retrieved at the instance of the naming (McNamara, 2003). Though the postal agency is rendered impotent due to the advent of internet, internet providers still stand the risk of scamming, cyber terrorism worms and virus threat which leaves the postal system relevance to a certain extent despite its out datedness.

Impact on Culture, Institution and the Economy

A decade ago there was just about one hundred users of internet, presently, users of internet are running over ten million in numbers, this is an indication  of a better communication impact with the use of internet, though cell phone users far much out way the number (Waseem, 2008). Society values are strengthened in a way due to effective circulation and communication among the citizen with technological advancement. Though the old culture is fast disappearing, the trace of communication modernization leaving behind is better and desired legacy that would stand the test of time in a dynamic world. The economy of each country, no doubt, receives boost and there must have been a salvage of brutal lost. All of these advantages give way to the emulation of communication technology. Institutions receive boost in the constant drive towards excellence and academic integrity, there is a fostered collectivity owing to effective communication through the connectivity among providers of satellite, the cell phone and the internet facilities.

In conclusion, the successful culture of maintaining institutional and economic standards in developed countries is not unconnected with the most significant communicational use of internet and cell phone. The sharing and circulation of culture is at a faster rate, with westernization infiltrating the nooks and crannies of the world. Culture circulation does not need a special tourism any longer, internet mostly provides audio visual contact and the unnoticed spread takes place within a jiffy.


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