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Effects of Cyber Crime on the Social Media

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  • Pages 3
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    Social media refers to the websites and programs through which people share, manage and create content and also participate in networking. They are computerized strategies for creating and sharing information and interests carrier wise, electronically. With the blooming of smart phones, social media has always been a handy way of real-time communication, with users of all ages embracing this virtual way of getting in touch with each other. Social media has revolutionized how individuals communicate, both on social and professional grounds.

    And as it has always been, nothing good lacks a setback. On this note, social media has come with many challenges, cyber bullying being a major one. Several users of social media have been tortured psychologically, with others going to an extent of being manipulated and ending up losing money, courtesy to this vice. Therefore, in as much as we may embrace this opportunity, we also need to be aware of the loopholes it comes with

    Cyber crime refers to all the setbacks espoused to using social media. It’s a collective term for all the drawbacks that can be experienced when one is using social media.

    This paper aims to digest effects of cyber bullying to social media.

    Cyber crime contains a risk of identity theft. This is where an individual creates numerous accounts with similar information. This is a dangerous exposure in that an online criminal may correlate information of the user, manipulate it, and may even hack into the vulnable user’sacccount and yse it for their good.

    Additionally, hackers caused mayhem in the stock market when they got control and full access to a tweeter account and tweeted that a bomb had blown at Washington. This caused disorder and fear among them and business was duly affected. Sales in value dropped greatly, and it was a big let down to the world of business, as USD 130 billion was lost.

    Other mischievous activities accomplished courtesy of cyber crime include; some internet users displaying false information on how they’re won lotteries, and promise social media used that once they follow their accounts, they’ll share their fortune. Upon gaining followers to a number they desire, they sell of accounts with all the followers.

    Another malicious effect of cyber crime is the introduction of malware. For instance, once a client is online, and browsing and clicking on links to download content, they may dinload malware from unpublished websites. These are malicious programs that take charge of the computers operating system, a major risk of software dysfunction.

    Additionally, social media has granted criminals an ability for them to perform reconnaissance. This is where they are able to filter and gets a gust if one’s private information. This involves collection of my friends data, or information of my boss, and utilizing it to get information from me, ad they are close to me.

    Another result of cyber crime associated with social media is phishing. This is where the vulnerable party ends up receiving emails or messages from online criminals, with an intention of making them believe some particular information as true, which is not the case. The party ends up believing the information, and channeling as price of the same quantity to the criminal.

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