Effects of Cyber Crime on Media

With the growth of internet, users create groups to share data, ideas, and private messages. Social media has impacted the growth of businesses and large corporations. Today computers are reachable to many people in the world. Use of World Wide Web has a lot of advantages that make life easier and enjoyable. However, every good tiding has a flipside. Cyber-crime entails a computer and network. Issues surrounding cyber-crime have become rampant, and they have far-reaching consequences. It is imperative to be on the lookout for these loopholes. Therefore, this paper will analyze the effects of cyber-crime on social media.

Research shows that many people are victims of cyber-crime. As such, a great number of peoples’ identities have been stolen since most register on these platforms using personal information. The criminals impersonate people mostly for material gains. Furthermore, some pose as real corporations and send emails that prompt the victim to enter personal information. Others are bold, and go straight to the mail box, and get the information they need from the mail. Many victims are losing their money to these fraudsters by having their credit cards used to make unauthorized transactions.

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Cyberstalking is uninterrupted intimidation of people or corporates over the internet. It can take the form of threats and defamation. The reason behind these actions is intimidation or control of the victim. Many internet users share their own pictures, those of family, and their feelings on the social platforms and the perpetrators gather this data ready to strike. Cyberstalking is a well thought and calculated plan. Some cases begin as harmless conversations but end up as frightening experiences. Moreover, cyber-stalkers are people who know the victim. Other victims have it rough since they are harassed offline.

Governments have not been spared by these criminals. Laws that protect countries sovereignty are being breached globally by cyber criminals. Around the world, governments are digitizing their services such as voting, and filing of taxes. This has not escaped the attention of criminals, and personal information of citizens is falling into the hands of fraudsters. Terrorists are also gathering these government data that may be used to launch attacks. With some governments under funding agencies mandated to fight these criminals, and lack of employee training the attacks on governments will continue.

In conclusion, the advancement of technology is making lives easier. But, it is essential to take precaution against cyber criminals who work day and night gathering data. Therefore, at an individual level, it is advisable to keep personal information private. It is prudent to use credit cards in areas where you swipe. Governments on the other hand should fund the relevant agencies and train employees regularly.

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