Effects of French Revolution

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In the late 1 ass’s France was one of the most powerful and influential countries in Europe. The violent changes that took place during the French Revolution affected most of the European people. People had many different opinions of the revolution. It was a period of time where new ideas about government, human rights, and social equality were being introduced to France. I think these new ideas were the reason why people had so many different reactions to the French Revolution.

France and other European Mounties had a monarchy system Of government at the time Of the revolution. All of the power belonged to the clergy and nobles and they made all of the decisions. The third estate, which represented the majority of French people, wanted to be part of government decisions. During this time, people were used to a monarchy and the idea of all people having a say in government was a new concept. I think the people’s demand for a change in the type of government was a major reason why people had different pinions about the French Revolution.

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The third estate made up approximately 97 percent of the French population. Most of the people in the third estate were very poor and suffered from starvation. A major cause of the French Revolution was that most of the people were denied the human rights we take for granted. They were treated poorly by the clergy and nobles. The French people were desperate and hungry and had no choice but to revolt. The French Revolution had an impact n the future of human rights and was also a reason why people had different opinions.

Another reason for different reactions to the French Revolution was the different social classes that existed in France. During this period of time, it was normal for the clergy and nobles to have all of the wealth, land and power. The third estate was in poverty and had no ability to increase their social status. Thomas Paine wrote, “These principles had not their origin in him, but in the original establishment, many centuries back, ND they were become too deeply rooted to be removed, and the… Arises and plunders too abominably filthy to be cleansed by anything short of a complete and universal revolution. ” He believed that the third estate had been kept at a low social class for such a long time that a revolution was ineviTABLE. The French Revolution brought about many new ideas about government, human rights and social equality.

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