Effects of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Teenage pregnancy is a grave medical subject that influences the future of woman.

All teen pregnancies are unsafe because every teen lacks the skills that are needs to grip heaps of stress that pregnancy brings along. Not only does a teen pregnancy crash the mother, it may also crash the baby. According to the U.S.

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Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
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Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, babies born to teenage mothers may have a weaker intellectual growth and medical as well as behavioral issues as they grow up.

Here are some of the effects of teenage pregnancy.Emotional disasterA pregnant teenager will undergo from an emotional disaster soon after the optimistic pregnancy test as most teenagers do not treat in sexual behavior with clear plans about the future. This emotional crisis, which can be seen in the form of stress, depression, lack of acceptance medical care etc.

The emotional crisis may lead to rash behavior such as making attempts to self-abort the baby or entrust suicide.

Checkup Complicationsbearing in mind that a teenager’s body is not as urbanized as that of an adult, medical complications in the baby and the mother are predictable. According to the American Academy of Child and young person Psychiatry, most teenage mothers keep away from seeking medical help and end up pain from medical complications such as anemia, high blood force, toxemia, premature birth of baby and placenta preview. It is of utmost importance for a woman to go through medical care to put the complications away.

Drugs & SmokingDrug use as well as smoking during pregnancy is difficult throughout pregnancy and most women end up smoking or drinking to be unaware to family antagonism. If the teenagers was smoking even before receiving pregnant, she will surely find it hard to quit for teenagers have a weak willpower.Tirednesstiredness is a ordinary effect of pregnancy. A pregnant teen must make preparations to exercise during pregnancy, however, if she experiences tiredness, it is only a part of pregnancy that doesn’t require much worry.

A pregnant teenager must get a smallest amount of 8 hours of sleep during the pregnancy term.Abandon of the BabyOnce the baby is born, the mother may not be eager to give the baby the complete attention it needs. Moreover, a teenage mother lacks information about how to take care of the baby and will overlook neonatal care completely. Considering that she is a teenager, she may get annoyed when not given enough freedom to interrelate with her friends.

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