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Employee Voice Is a Component of Human Resource Strategies

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Understanding employees’ thoughts, needs and concerns is what an enterprise needs to pay attention to when it wants to build a dedicated team. In today’s business environment, a strong employee voice enables companies to leverage their human potential effectively. In our textbook, it says that “Employee voice is an important component of many contemporary human resource strategies” (Budd, 2018, page. 40). Listening to the voice of employees is the key to the success of every enterprise. Most employers are happy to give their employees a voice that helps their business.

Employers want employees to bring benefits to their businesses. If it doesn’t help, employers will be more willing to hire people who do what they’re told and work hard. At the same time, employers can’t be all things to all people, so they need a good voice. A proper voice can help the company develop better and minimize the loss of revenue.

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Employee Voice Is a Component of Human Resource Strategies
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In the concept of human resource strategy, the voice of employees can be seen as involving employees in organizational decisions.

As a human resources person, I know it’s important to listen to your employees. Caring for the thoughts, work and life of subordinates is one of the jobs of human resources department. I interned in a company in China last summer vacation. During that time, people in the human resources department will have interviews with people in other departments. The main content of the interview is to understand the work of the staff. For example, do you have any dissatisfaction with your current job and any comments and Suggestions on the company? I think it’s good for the company. We can sort out the existing problems of the company through a series of interviews, and improve the company’s mechanism through Suggestions from employees. From this example, we can see the importance of employees’ voices in the enterprise. On the other hand, employees’ voices are more often heard in the management of nonunion organizations. Nonunion workers are not the same as union workers, and nonunion mechanisms are not the same as unions. When non-union workers have problems at work, they can’t solve them as union workers can. Each of us is very familiar with the hotel, and each hotel also has a unique voice of employees. This mechanism type is called direct formal employee voice mechanism, which refers to the daily communication type between employers and employees. This mechanism may affect the development of the whole company. There are many ways to communicate between employers and employees. In a slightly better hotel, more attention will be paid to the voice of employees.

When there is a staff voice meeting, employees can put forward their opinions on the hotel, and then the employer can discuss the problem with employees. Through this program, employees of nonunion workers can build relationships with their employers and worry about whatever problems they have. In return, employees are free to participate in the decision-making process, which affects not only their workplace management but also their work. This implementation process is effective in the hotel business.

I think it’s good to have unions in hotels. If there is a union in the hotel to support employees’ voice, employees will have backing support when there are problems between employees and employers, which can more easily solve their problems. At the same time, it is more secure for employees’ interests. In our textbook, it says that “Individuals say they will enjoy their work more, and their businesses will be more competitive if they have a greater say in the workplace “(Budd, 2018, page 9).

I think the voice in the workplace is a very important fundamental human right. I think it’s a basic right of employees to have their say. If employees don’t have a voice, they’re just slaves to the automation of the company, and there’s no room for improvement. In my opinion, being able to have a voice in the workplace is a good thing for the company because it usually builds a good relationship between the employee and the employer, and at the same time, the employee is more actively involved in what’s going on in the business. It also ensures that employees are treated equally and fairly. When employees feel they have a voice in the workplace, they feel important at work. As a result, they will be more willing to express their valuable opinions, which will help improve the organization they work for. In Colossians 3:23, it says that “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

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