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Entertainment stars are overpaid

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There is a heated dispute over whether the career as entertainers, such as films stars, pop musicians and sports stars, is overpaid. In my opinion, I am in favor of this view.

It is generally recognised that individuals who can perform, sing or play good sports are paid by high salary. There are a number of reasons which might explain why they get paid that much. Firstly, entertainers bring in enormous profit for the companies they work for through door recipes, TV deals or merchandise deals.

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Entertainment stars are overpaid
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Correspondingly, the high salary is a reward for the contribution. Secondly, entertainment industry is so popular and profitable, with a large number of fans and audience paying to their profit. Accordingly, entertainers are supposed to afford them high level of enjoyment and amusement. Lastly, those stars’ working lives are relatively short due to the intense competition. They are consequently replaced by younger or more energetic generation.

Unfortunately, professionals in other fields, who make a much greater contribution towards human society, are paid much less, when compared with the high incomes of celebrities and sports stars.

Doctors, nurses, laboratory researchers are never known as high income careers. However, they are so much more imperative to our well-being and our future than those stars who could earn fortune in short period of time.

In conclusion, I think that there may be some reasons explaining why entertainment stars earn high salaries but overall I am convinced that they are overpaid. Those who bring greater benefit towards our society should be more appreciated and better paid.

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